Outdoor trousers for outdoor sporting activities

Outdoor trousers & pants

With their functional properties, such as good weather protection, high breathability and easy freedom of movement, outdoor trousers and pants offer the perfect solution for active outdoor sportspeople. Different materials, designs and structures are used which, for example, allow for light weight, impermeability or elasticity, depending on the type of sport and the recommended use. Functional trousers for hikers and trekkers are very different to MTB trousers of ski trousers, even though manufacturers like Jack Wolfskin, Maloja or Vaude often use similar materials to make outdoor trousers.

The overview below shows the features which outdoor pants need for different outdoor sports, such as trekking, climbing, skiing or mountain biking.

  • Hiking and trekking trousers
    Trekking tours are walks which last several days or weeks and require flexible and durable materials. For this reason, trekking trousers are often slightly sturdier than light hiking trousers. When choosing hiking clothing, hikers are usually very good at predicting what the weather will be like and choose between hiking shorts or long hiking trousers. Trekkers often have to reckon with changing weather conditions while trekking. That is why zip-off trousers with removable legs are very popular among trekkers, since they combine short hiking pants and long trekking pants in one. For trekking trousers and mountaineering trousers, the stability of the fabric is very important, in addition to light weight and good breathability. With abrasion-resistant materials, such as G-1000, Fjällräven offer outdoor pants which are very strong and durable.

  • Climbing trousers and bouldering trousers
    For alpine climbing and mountaineering, climbing trousers do not just have to be very flexible, but they must also be very durable. For sport climbers and boulderers, on the other hand, a comfortable fit and high breathability are more beneficial. In contrast, good protection against wind and weather does not play an important role in sport climbing. Comfortable climbing shorts and fashionable sport shirts are typical of the climbing clothing in climbing gyms and gardens.

  • Running trousers and running shorts
    Running, trail running and jogging do not just get your heart pumping, but also require running clothing with optimal moisture management and stretch performance. Running socks, underwear and trousers must transport as much moisture away from the body as possible. Specialists, such as La Sportiva, offer ultra-light equipment for ambitious runners.

  • Outdoor trousers & pants
  • Sport trousers
    When it comes to sport trousers and sport shorts, the emphasis is also on a light weight, comfortable fit and a pleasant microclimate around the body. In combination with functional sport underwear, sport pants can optimally regulate the relationship between heat and moisture.

  • Road bike trousers and MTB trousers
    Bicycle trousers for road cyclists and mountain bikers differ greatly in their design. While bib shorts and cycling shorts for road cyclists are usually very light and aerodynamic, MTB shorts and downhill pants place an emphasis on stability. Downhill shorts and baggy shorts for freeride and enduro provide ample space for shin guards and knee protection. As part of the MTB clothing and downhill clothing, mountain bike trousers offer protection against injury and are much more robust than regular cycling clothing. The matching road bike socks or MTB socks are characterised by their good fit and functional breathability.

  • Ski trousers and snowboard trousers
    As an important part of winter clothing, skiwear and snowboard clothing offer protection against snow, moisture and wind. Trousers for skiers and snowboarders are pleasantly warm and provide a comfortable fit when going downhill and in the ski lift. Together with warm ski underwear, wool underwear and sporty ski socks or merino socks, they guarantee super comfort and a functional microclimate. Primaloft trousers or winter trousers with a warm lining will withstand even the coldest mountain temperatures.

  • Outdoor trousers & pants
  • Ski touring trousers
    Like ski pants and snowboard trousers, ski touring trousers offer protection against wetness, wind and cold. In addition, ski touring clothing provides extra ventilation to dissipate excess heat and moisture quickly outward on strenuous climbs.

  • Cross-country ski trousers
    Cross-country ski clothing combines pleasant warmth with optimum breathability. Elastic cross-country pants promise the best aerodynamics and at the same time offer very good protection against wind, cold and moisture.

  • Kids' trousers
    Sport trousers for children differ only in terms of the specific details of outdoor trousers for men and for women. In addition to an equally movement-friendly cut, children's trousers are often fitted with reinforcements on the knees and buttocks. This does not just make the outdoor pants for children ideal for outdoor sports activities, but also for playing, climbing, romping and discovering. Comfortable kids' socks and functional kids' underwear are also essential items.

  • Rain trousers
    Lots of hiking and ski trousers are waterproof. They offer excellent protection against rain and wind. As part of special rainwear, Gore-Tex trousers or rain pants are also used as change trousers or overtrousers. Outdoor sportspeople use them depending on the weather conditions. For long trekking tours, rain ponchos are a real insider's tip:they not only protect the upper body from rain, but also the trekking backpack and trekking trousers.

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