Never lose the thread: How to choose the right accessory cord

Accessory Cords

Use them as a prusik for abseiling or as a camping clothesline: Accessory cords in various thicknesses are an essential part of any outdoor enthusiast's equipment. The following points include information about how to choose the right cord.

Designs and holding force of accessory cords

The color design of an accessory cord is really just a matter of your personal taste. Just like climbing ropes, accessory cords are constructed after the sheath-core principle, which makes them extremely robust. An accessory cord with a diameter of only 3 mm has a breaking load of more than 300 kg. A diameter of 5 mm guarantees a breaking load of not less than 600 kg.

Diameters and recommended use of accessory cords

The thinnest available accessory cords normally come with a diameter of 2 mm. The thickest cords are 7 mm strong. Due to the perfect ratio of weight to resilience, accessory cords can be used for any outdoor purpose. When it comes to camping or trekking, accessory cords (2-4 mm) can be used for repairs of any kind or for fixing and mounting equipment. Use it as a clothesline, a zip extension, as an additional attachment option for equipment on your backpack, or as a guyline for your tent. Accessory cords with a diameter of 4 to 5 mm are most often used for climbing purposes. Such cords are easy to knot and with a length of 60-80 cm particularly suitable as an additional belay rope (prusik loop) for abseiling. Somewhat stronger cords (5-7 mm) can serve as belay ropes as well. Tie them around trees and use them as a substitute for sewn runners.

The length of an accessory cord

If you don't need any unpleasant surprises when tying a knot, follow this simple rule: The thicker the cord, the longer it should be. Since they are easy to knot, thinner accessory cords can be quite useful even if they are relatively short. However, with a diameter of 5 mm and a length under 50 cm, accessory cords are almost impossible to handle. If you consider these simple rules when buying a cord, you can use it for any purpose and let your creativity run free!

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