Cycling glasses: Effective protection against UV rays, insects, wind and dust

Cycling Glasses

Whether you prefer rough, demanding trails in changing light conditions or endless mountain roads on your race bike, the right cycling glasses are vital for protecting the eyes against harmful UV rays, wind, insects, dust and stones! Road and mountain bikers alike require protection, so all cyclists should include cycling glasses in their basic equipment.

What purpose do cycling glasses serve?

First and foremost, they protect the eyes! But cycling glasses also a have a few other important functions. They should work in as many lighting conditions as possible, the field of view has to be right and, as with any other sport glasses, they should not apply any pressure.

  • UV protection: Cycling takes place under the open sky and the eyes need protection from harmful sunlight. Brand name manufacturers, such as Julbo, Oakley, Smith, Uvex and POC all use high-quality lenses that absorb the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.
  • Protection against dust and injury prevention: It's not only sunlight that can damage your eyes. Wind and dust also take their toll. Mosquitoes, twigs, low-hanging branches and grit can cause injuries, even at low speeds.

What makes a good pair of cycling glasses?

Cycling Glasses

An aerodynamic design and the lenses! A good fit ensures that the glasses remain comfortable to wear on long tours and that they do not chafe around the temples. Only a properly fitting pair of glasses can provide reliable protection for the eyes. Don't forget that you will have to wear the glasses in combination with a helmet. That goes for road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets and even full-face helmets that are worn with goggles.
Decent lenses are also a must! They protect against UV radiation and, depending on tint and color, also have a brightening effect on cloudy days, or provide additional glare protection in dazzling light. Glasses with photochromic lenses are particularly clever, they adjust to changing light conditions. Meaning you need buy only one pair of glasses for virtually all conditions, making time-consuming lens changes a thing of the past. Polarization is also worth considering. This reduces annoying reflections and helps you estimate distances better.
Julbo, Oakley, Smith, Uvex and POC are ahead of the game when it comes to high-quality cycling glasses. These brands have a large number of frame designs ranging from stylish to aerodynamic - men, women, children...they have something for everyone.

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