Nordic walking poles for recreational athletes

Unlike many other outdoor sports, such as climbing, cycling or skiing, Nordic Walking requires just a few essentials. A pair of athletic running shoes or Nordic walking shoes, light Nordic walking poles and functional running clothes are sufficient.

While you can wear any sports clothing made for jogging or trail running, Nordic Walking poles are unique to the sport. The use of poles enables an effective whole-body workout for all ages and fitness levels. Even older people and those who find jogging and running too strenuous benefit from this healthy exercise and being out in the fresh air.

Folding poles and telescopic poles made of carbon and aluminium

In addition to the right length, the stability and weight of the Nordic walking poles are crucial for an efficient and ergonomic walk. High-quality Nordic walking poles are usually made of lightweight aluminium or carbon. The carbon fibre is extremely stiff and lightweight. Poles made of aluminium are also very lightweight, yet also extremely durable.

Typically, Nordic walking poles don't have a fixed length, rather they are adjustable. Clip closures or rotating segments allow you to adjust the size. A foldable pole with an additional telescopic element or a telescopic pole with two or three segments are also great for Nordic walking.

How to correctly adjust the Nordic walking pole's length

Compared to a trekking pole, a Nordic walking pole has a tip with a rubber cap. It provides a great grip on asphalt and offers the stability you need. By playing around with the adjustable clip or twist locks, you can adjust the Nordic walking poles until they reach your belly button.

You'll need to insert your hands into the straps on the padded grips from below to ensure a secure grip. With good Nordic walking poles from Leki or Swix, well-cushioned shoes and breathable clothes, even beginners can have a lot of fun with this activity. Nordic Walking is a sport that can be practiced in almost any weather and practically anywhere, alone, in pairs or in a small group.

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