Base layers for women for absolute comfort during exercise

Base layers & Underwear Women

High-quality base layers and underwear for mountain-loving women are much lighter, more breathable and softer on the skin than conventional cotton undergarments. For sweaty outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, climbing, as well as skiing, ski touring and mountaineering, baselayers and underwear keep a woman's body dry and warm at all times. Women have the choice of lightweight sports underwear or warming thermal underwear. So baselayers and underwear for women are indispensable and shouldn't be missing from any mountain sports enthusiast's wardrobe.

The principle of good base layers and underwear for women

The baselayer is the bottom layer, worn directly next to the skin. So it's the first layer in the so-called onion principle. Functional underwear must be able to perform the following tasks in the wild and in the mountains: Base layers and underwear for women wick moisture and sweat quickly away from the skin. The functional fibers absorb the water molecules in their fibers and distribute them around, wicking the moisture further away. Combined with the quick drying properties of the base layer, this ensures that women won't have an unpleasant or damp feeling next to the skin.
Moreover, the fit of base layers and underwear for women plays an important role. Sports bras specially developed for different outdoor activities provide great support and move with you. High-quality functional underwear is adapted to the female anatomy and fits the body without constricting. In hot conditions in particular, women should make sure that the underwear sits more loosely on the body, so that maximum ventilation is provided.
In cold weather you need thicker base layers and underwear like Merino wool or terry, because the air trapped in the fabric creates another layer of insulation. The thermal underwear must therefore be designed in such a way that hot air can only get out at the desired level of ventilation and cooling.

Base layers and underwear - the material which dreams are made of

Base layers and underwear for women can be made of soft and odorless Merino wool or from powerful, fast drying functional synthetic fibers. The classic functional fiber used in functional underwear is made of a lightweight and very breathable polyester blend. Polyester base layers and underwear have the advantage of absorbing sweat immediately, spreading it out over a large area, wicking it away and drying incredibly fast. It is also much lighter in weight and feel. However, classic Merino base layers and underwear for women are much warmer than the polyester blend.
Merino underwear is also very breathable, but also softer, more comfortable and more odor-neutral than polyester base layers and underwear. So it's important to know what temperatures you're going to be using it at and for what purpose you need base layers and underwear. For strenuous activity in the heat, a highly breathable polyester base layer is recommended, while comfortable Merino underwear is more suited to cold conditions. If you match your base layers and underwear to the conditions, then nothing can go wrong on your next outdoor adventure.

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