Ascend mountains with your skis: ski skins

Ski Skins

Whilst ski touring, your equipment will greatly influence whether you have a great or miserable time. You especially need reliable ski skins because they’re the only points of contact between you and the ground, so they’ll greatly influence your performance during ascents. In addition to your ski trousers, ski goggles and your avalanche equipment, skins are a must-have.

Functionality of the skins

One side of the ski skin is brushed with a powerful adhesive that needs to be stuck to the bottom of your skis. Make sure to keep pine needles and dirt as far away as possible from the skins because the skins will need to be replaced once the glue doesn’t stick anymore. In addition to sticking them, you’ll also need to clip the skins to your skis. Once you’re done using the skins, you can stow them away in their bag. Skins are great because they make the skis glide more smoothly and they also prevent them from slipping whilst walking. The front of the skis should have excellent gliding properties, but when putting pressure on the rear end, it should grip the ground. Ski skins from Black Diamond are amazing and wonderfully combine both characteristics.

Pre-cut climbing skins

Skis are available in different widths and lengths. Sometimes, you’ll find pre-cut skins that are already equipped with a clamping system with a tensioning clip that'll perfectly fit your skis. However, if the standard lengths don’t match your skis, then you can trim the skins to your desired length and use the clamping system. In addition to the gliding properties and grip, a good dry treatment is also important to protect the surface against water and to prevent clumping. You can use ski wax (hard or liquid wax) to waterproof your skis by applying it from the tip to the tail of the skis.

The perfect ski accessories

In addition to your skis, skins, ski touring poles and boots, you’ll also need functional ski garments, such as a helmet and goggles. A backpack is also practical because you can stow away your crampons, ropes and other climbing equipment when not in use. Being optimally equipped will ensure you have the time of your life!

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