Snowshoes for snow covered winter landscapes


The snowshoe tour fascinates more and more people every single year. This popularity can be traced back to all the advantages of snowshoes. A snowshoe increases the contact surface on snow immensely and distributes the body weight effectively. This enables you to walk on deep snow without sinking.

Snowshoes are perfect for all those who like to go beyond trails in order to walk around winter landscapes or who search for an alternative to ski touring. Snowshoes are versatile and do not leave you with high material cost and expenses. Neither skis, nor special shoes or climbing skins are needed. Ski or touring poles, as well as compulsory avalanche equipment for alpine terrain are the only additional things you need for your gear. Snowshoeing is very interesting for kids as well as adults and seniors since the movements are learned quickly and in no time, one has a sense of achievement. Like this, all the facets of winter can be experienced and enjoyed.

Obviously snowshoes are not only suitable for alpinists, who like to journey in a relaxed manner. Even ambitious mountaineers profit from them in winters. For ice climbers these come as a handy support when approaching remote icefalls. They are very advantageous, since they can be used with the mountaineering boots worn for climbing and trekking at the same time. Snowboarders rely on the flexibility of such lightweight shoes, since they enable a quick ascend and can be fixed to backpack when going downhill. As a snowboarder you can therefore enjoy downhills on deep snow, which otherwise is only possible with tour skis.

Snowshoes made of plastic or rather made of aluminum? Spoilt for Choice

Depending on the intended purpose and the conditions of the terrain, there are various types of snowshoes. As a beginner, you will be well advised with a cheap starting-model for easy hiking on the flats or on uneven terrain. Difficult terrain require a robust pro-model with sophisticated technical details. Generally, snowshoes are differentiated in models made of plastic and such with an aluminum frame. For tourers who want to go as lightweight as possible, there are shoes made of carbon parts - extremely robust and ultra-light.

Aluminum snowshoes are made of a lightweight aluminum frame with a plastic cover, that ensures floatation on snow. In shape and function they are extremely similar to the traditional models made of wood, which already the north American Indians had worn to move on snowy landscapes. This type of snowshoes are especially used on deep snow or for easy terrain.

Plastic snowshoes are available in different versions, ranging from simple models for beginners, to a piece of equipment for extreme alpine tours. They are made of a hard plastic material, which also stays stable at low temperatures. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, as well as with various accessories. Generally, for tours on alpine terrain one should go for shoes with traction claws and heel lifts. Heel lifts consist of a temple in the heel area which can be pulled upwards. This relieves the calf muscles effectively and facilitates the ascent significantly. The Crampons work very similarly to front cleats of a crampon and even provide you with grip on hard-frozen snow.


When buying snowshoes, it is important to choose a model that is adapted to one´s individual weight range. Generally, it can be said that heavier people should opt for shoes with a larger contact surface. Very often, there are different types of designs for men and women, which vary in length and shape. Obviously, looks also count and thus, many manufacturers offer shoes for women, which are furthermore decorated with patterns.

Kids' Snow Shoes: Firm Footing for Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular, so it is no surprise then, that our little ones want to be a part of it. To make this sport as safe and fun as possible, snowshoes for children have been specially made and fitted to the needs of kids feet. Kids' snow shoes ensure that winter touring is always a success!

What do Snowshoes for Kids Need? Many products for outdoor use, like winter boots for kids or the winter jackets for kids are specially made to meet the need of little outdoor adventurers. This means that snowshoes for kids are also fitted to suit the body size and weight of children. When it comes to quality and finish, kids' snow shoes are on par with adult models. This guarantees light strides and secure footing when walking with snowshoes! Kids' snow shoes have a binding that grips the feet tightly and is also very easy to use. This ensures that these snowshoes don't present any challenges for the kids.

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