Functional shoes for walking, running and trail running

Whether recreational joggers, Nordic walkers, trail runners or triathletes - what all runners have in common is their search for the perfect pair of running shoes. As varied as the length, width and shape of every man and woman's foot, so are the lasts, construction, material and soles of each running shoe. From softly padded jogging shoes made of breathable mesh fabric, to weatherproof trail running shoes with aggressive treading, to ultra-light competition shoes for ambitious runners.

In addition to well-known brands such as New Balance or adidas, the range of running shoes and walking shoes at also includes innovative newcomers such as Hoka or the Swiss company On with its cushioning Cloud technology. Well-known outdoor brands, such as Scarpa, Inov-8 and La Sportiva, also offer some running shoes for trails, hiking paths and firm ground. Running shoes with a Gore Tex membrane and other waterproof running shoes are also available in great variety, guaranteeing the ideal solution for every runner and area of use.

Running shoes for men and women

Simply buying shoes for running is often not as easy as it sounds at first. The range of running shoes and walking shoes is so diverse and the individual details and features can be so different. Running shoes for women and men differ not only in design and colouring. Running shoes for women usually have a narrower cut, are offered in smaller shoe sizes and are also designed for a lighter weight through their sole construction.

Especially with men's running shoes, there are many models with bold and sometimes flamboyant colour combinations in addition to plain coloured variants. Running shoes for men are available in larger shoe sizes and are usually anatomically optimised specifically for men's feet due to the use of wider lasts. Different heights, various midsole and outsole constructions and additional insoles offer every type of runner and every different running style and area of use the optimal support for jogging, walking, trail running and all kinds of running training.

Low weight, breathability and rain protection properties of running shoes

Thanks to high-quality materials, synthetic fibres, mesh fabric and cushioning foam, many running shoes are particularly lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear. Depending on the terrain, however, your running shoes should also have the necessary stability to avoid damage and to ensure maximum performance on loose surfaces with the appropriate sole.

Aggressive lugs, reinforcements on the toe and heel and a waterproof membrane increase the weight of the running shoes, but also open up versatile possibilities on trails and in rainy weather. Running shoes for running on asphalt and trail running off-road are therefore constructed differently and each offers the ideal set-up for the respective area of use.

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