Functional socks for sports and everyday wear

Sport Socks

Comfortable, non-slip socks whilst running are an absolute must. Sports socks are equipped with special reinforcements on the toes, balls of the feet or other high-wear areas, and are very breathable, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy your run or work day.

In addition, some sport socks have been specially designed for trekking and walking, while other models are made for everyday wear. The latter are often unobtrusive, have low-key colours and are just as comfortable and breathable as their more active counterpart.

Merino or synthetic fibre socks?

The greatest advantage of merino socks is that they hardly absorb odours, even after several days of wear. And, even if your feet get sweaty on your long walk, the merino wool will keep them warm.

However, wool socks do tend to dry slower than synthetic socks. So, whether you opt for merino wool, synthetic fibre or a blend of both, you’ve got to find a pair that fit great because it'll prevent the creation of pressure points and blisters.

Shoe microclimate and breathability

Sports socks should be able to transport sweat away from the foot, be well-padded and fit properly to ensure a comfortable microclimate even if your feet get sweaty. As a result, sock brands, such as Icebreaker, Smartwool or Rohner, optimize their socks’ fabrics and designs to ensure sweat is transported away from your feet.


If you notice that your socks are completely dry when taking off your walking boots after a day-long mountain adventures, then you know you’ve made the right purchase. And, if the fit remains impeccable after countless washes, then the investment in high-quality socks has definitely paid off.

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