Sport socks for sport and everyday use

Sport Socks

Comfortable socks that fit well on the foot and do not slip whilst running, make everyday life and especially sport more enjoyable. With special strengtheners on the toes, balls of the foot or other strongly used spots and high breathability, sport socks are the universal all-rounder on the foot.

Depending on the sport, there are sport socks which are designed as trekking socks, hiking socks or running socks. For everyday use, there are often unobtrusive and discreetly colored models which are just as comfortable and breathable.

Merino socks or socks made from synthetic fibers?

Socks made from Merino wool hardly take on odors. Even after several days of continuous use they do not normally start smelling. Moreover Merino wool socks warm even when moist. And if the feet ever get wet on a long tour, they will not cool down.

However in general, woolen socks also dry slower than socks made from synthetic fiber. The fit of sport socks - whether made from Merino wool, synthetic fibers or blended fabrics of both - is extremely important in sporting activities. Only an optimal fit can avoid bruises and blisters whilst wearing sports shoes or hiking boots.

Shoe climate and breathability

Sport socks should be able to transport the perspiration as well as possible. Even a good fit and padding are uncomfortable to wear with sweaty feet, therefore sock manufacturers such as Icebreaker, Smartwool or Rohner optimize their socks on materials and design, which derive the sweat from the body and do not retain moisture.

Someone that takes off his/her alpine boots after a long mountain tour and still has dry socks, knows that they have definitely chosen the right sock model. And if the fit after countless washing is still proper, the investment in quality socks has definitely paid off.

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