Compression socks for skiing & running

Compression Socks

Runners place great value on high-quality running shoes and functional apparel, yet running socks are often forgotten about. Socks come in direct contact with your skin, which is why they strongly influence how comfortable you are whilst running. Compression socks are designed for both training and competitions because they promote blood circulation and accelerate your recovery.

A tight fit and high-quality materials

As with special running apparel, sports socks also have great features. For example, they have moisture management properties, they’re breathable to ensure a pleasant microclimate and they're wrinkle-free. Most running socks are made of either synthetic fibre or have a cotton-synthetic blend. Some manufacturers now include some merino wool or an antibacterial treatment to their socks.

How compression socks work

Compression socks aren't the most stylish of socks, but that’s not so important when you’re out running. What’s more important is performance, performance, performance. Compression socks are long and feature tightly-knitted, elastic materials from the ankle to just below the knee, so they may feel tight at first. They increase pressure on the calves from the top to the bottom to promote the transportation of blood and lymphatic fluid.
The compression effect relaxes the calf muscles, which is why runners say they feel great throughout their run. Compression socks also promote regeneration after a run. With all that in mind, you should now get off the couch, grab yourself a pair of compression socks and go for a run!

Endurance-focused sports

Compression socks are worn by recreational endurance athletes and professionals. Athletes swear by their supportive effect during marathons, triathlons and skiing. CEP, Falke, Rohner, Bridgedale, Salomon and all manufacturers of technical running wear and baselayers have a range of compression socks to suit all needs.

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