Head for the summit with the right via ferrata set

Via Ferrata Kit

If you’re planning on doing a via ferrata, then you’ll need a helmet, a harness and a via ferrata set. The via ferrata set is what will catch you in the event of a fall whilst climbing. It connects you to the steel cable attached to the crag. However, when it comes to via ferrata, rule number one is to try to avoid falling. This greatly differs from sport climbing, where falls are to be expected.

Why do I need a via ferrata set?

A via ferrata is a rocky passage with preinstalled steel cables and iron hooks. These can be climbed without much know-how, and you won’t need the typical equipment you need for alpine climbing.

Put your helmet and harness on, clip in your via ferrata set and off you go. Is that all there is to it? No, that would be reckless and dangerous. You also need a good level of physical fitness and knowledge of mountainous hazards. Less experienced alpine tourists in particular tend to love via ferratas because they can master challenging crags and enjoy the best views!

What does a via ferrata set look like?

Modern via ferrata sets are shaped like a Y. There is a sling at the bottom that you need to attach to your harness. At the foot of the Y-shaped arms, there is a force absorber, which is either a rope brake or a shock absorber. The Y-shaped arms connect here, and they have carabiners at the other ends.

During a via ferrata, you’ll be attached to the steel cable via both carabiners. The via ferrata set prevents you from falling and it also ensures that you’re secured even when changing anchors.

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