Trail running shoes – lightweight and non-slip companions

Running Shoes

Whether you’re running on wet and sandy terrain or through small streams and puddles, trail running requires you to run off paved roads. So, you’ll obviously need shoes that are made for such surfaces. Depending on how hard your route is, the trail running shoes should have certain features. An important thing to consider when shopping for trail running shoes is its weight. You certainly don’t want to feel like you have bricks on your feet, so the more lightweight, the better.

As for trail running shoes’ soles, there are many different profiles to choose from. However, having a non-slip sole that provides excellent traction is a must. Everything else depends on your personal requirements. Some people may prefer models that allow them to feel the ground through the soles, while others want something more comfortable and padded. In addition, trail running shoes with a waterproof surface are suitable for everyone who goes outdoors even in rainy conditions. Your feet are guaranteed to remain dry in such shoes thanks to their windproof and waterproof membrane. It’s also important that moisture is wicked away from your feet to ensure a great microclimate!

Trail running shoes should also provide stability. The collar is often strengthened to ensure that you don’t twist your ankle on boulders and rough terrain. Having a low centre of gravity also has a positive effect on stability, and a special sole construction can ease the heel-to-toe movement to enhance the cushioning and flexibility of the trail running shoes. In addition, they should have a tough, durable upper. When you brush against twigs, run over sharp stones, or the sun’s intensity is too high, the material should be able to withstand such stressors.

Trail running shoes shouldn't let sharp edges penetrate the sole. Some stiffness and padding is also necessary, but this depends on your own preferences. Some prefer a more natural gait with more ground contact and a flexible sole, while others prefer trail running shoes that are gentle on the ligaments and joints, with more cushioning and a soft footbed. In addition, simple lacing makes for an easy on/off and provides a firm fit.

Our customer service will gladly provide information on our different trail running shoes to help you find the right model for you.

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