Outdoor sandals and trekking sandals - light and trendy

Outdoor and Trekking Sandals

After a long time of being the embodiment of being square, sandals are experiencing a renaissance when it comes to outdoor and casual wear. The shoes the Romans used to wear in ancient times have been reinvented and adapted under the new name outdoor sandals or trekking sandals for outdoor use.
As soon as the weather allows it, outdoor sandals are the right type of shoes for many activities and purposes.

Outdoor sandals - Uses and models

  • The robust shape of a sandal is an almost closed shoe which has vents merely on the sides and on the back for ventilation. In addition to that, they often have a toe protection cap and a thick, cushioning sole with a non-slip tread, just as usual hiking and running shoes do. They are suitable for rocky and rough terrain, since the feet have a good grip in them.
  • The strapped model with hook-and-loop fastener, commonly called trekking sandals offer a lot more freedom for your feet. Due to the tread, trekking sandals are suitable for extensive walks. The terrain should be less alpine in that case, though. Due to their light weight and the fact that they can be easily stowed, these trekking sandals are the perfect spare shoes for traveling.
  • The simplest form are thong sandals with inclined belt fastenings, commonly called flip-flops. Get in quickly and off you go to the beach or to the public swimming pool, that is the main purpose of this type of outdoor sandals. This use also corresponds with their original purpose: a bathing shoe. Longer walks are not the strong suits of this model due to the reduced grip and the thinner sole.

Common features of all outdoor sandals

What almost all models of outdoor sandals have in common is their water resistance. Figures, if something has been designed for the sea, summer, sun and beaches, it should be able withstand water. The most trusted brands for outdoor and trekking sandals are Teva, Keen and Reef, but smaller brands such as Ecco or Sanuk become more and more popular. Some manufacturers have developed sandals exclusively for water sports such as sailing or canyoning.

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