Reach new heights with the perfect mountaineering boots

Mountaineering Boots

When the face of the mountain is getting steep, the air is getting thinner, and earth-covered paths turn to stone and rock, you need a good pair of mountaineering boots. In the mountains, mountaineering boots are an absolute must-have just as waterproof jackets are on rainy days, as a climbing rope is at the edge of a cliff, and as skis are for skiing. Without the right footwear, exploring and conquering the mountains is not the same, not to mention quite dangerous.

Mountaineering boots for every terrain

Mountaineering boots are mostly used in alpine regions. A general rule of thumb: the higher you go, the more durable your trekking boots should be. If you’re into hiking or alpine adventures, then a pair of durable, high-cut mountaineering boots is an absolute must-have. In contrast, pleasant hill walks and treks merely require lightweight, comfortable, high-cut mountaineering boots or walking boots. Another rule of thumb: the heavier your backpack, the higher your mountaineering boots’ shaft should be.

Features of great mountaineering boots

In order to fulfil the requirements of alpine terrain, high-quality mountaineering boots should have the following characteristics: when traversing smooth rocks and damp mountain meadows, abrasion-resistant, non-slip Vibram soles with aggressive lugs are a great choice because they provide sufficient traction. Waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes (i.e. with Gore-Tex) keep both your feet and shoes dry. Plus, high-cut boots prevent you from twisting your ankles and both a high-quality upper along with a rubber rand can protect your feet against shocks.

What you should consider when purchasing mountaineering boots

Modern mountaineering boots are no longer like the chunky, heavy leather boots from the past. New systems and developments have helped produce lightweight mountaineering boots, yet are still extremely durable and guarantee surefootedness. However, the most important factor is the shoe's fit. No matter how well made and expensive a pair of mountaineering boots is, if it doesn't fit, then it won't do the trick. Many outdoor manufacturers know this and offer various last widths as well as special sizes. You simply need to choose the perfect design for you and nothing will stand between you and an amazing mountaineering experience.

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