The basis of any outdoor outfit: The perfect men's outdoor jacket!

Outdoor Jackets Men

From versatile softshell jackets, to durable waterproof jackets and cosy down jackets - you will find the perfect men's jacket for every kind of outdoor sport. But with such a huge range to choose from, we think you might need a little help finding your way around. To make your choice easier, we have some hints and tips on materials, styles and features of outdoor jackets for men.

Fundamentals for men's jackets

Whether you are more concerned with insulation or weather protection - every men's outdoor jacket serves its purpose. But there are some important qualities, which you should pay attention to whatever model you choose.
When it comes to outdoor jackets for men, the cut is not just about getting a modern look, it is also a pivotal aspect of functionality and thermal output. In general, a tighter jacket will be warmer, and the breathable properties will be more effective during sport. But a men's outdoor jacket should never be restrictive! Freedom of movement in the arm and shoulder region is especially important. The fit of a jacket also depends on how you intend to wear it. That's why you need to think about layering.
While functional underwear is the literal basis of any outdoor outfit, jackets provide the protection against the whims of Mother Nature. They are worn as second, third or in many cases simply as the outer layer. Jackets for wearing under other outer layers need to be more insulating, while men's jackets which will be worn as the outermost layer should primarily provide weather protection. If you prefer to wear a jacket alone or with only a thin sport shirt underneath, then a tailored fit is better. A robust hardshell (waterproof jacket) or winter jacket has to fit over other layers, and so should have a slightly looser fit!

Categories and properties of men's outdoor jackets

In general men's outdoor jackets either focus more on weather protection or on insulation. Although there are some innovative fabric blends which meet both requirements, when you are buying a jacket it is still important to consider, whether your primary need is to avoid the freezing cold, or to stay dry.
Down, fleece and synthetic jackets offer good insulation with minimal weight, while men's outdoor jackets in hardshell designs offer durable weather protection. Insulating jackets are mostly worn as second layers, whereas hardshells are generally worn as outer layers.
Softshell, double, skiing and winter jackets feature special combinations from both categories! They offer a compromise between robust weather protection and warming insulation.
Important features to consider in any men's outdoor jacket include: the pockets, the design of the hood, whether the cuffs are adjustable to protect against wind and rain, as well as those details which add the perfect finishing touches to your outdoor outfit like thumb loops, snow gaiters, additional ventilation and reflectors for poor-visibility conditions, not to mention reinforcements at hard-wearing points.

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