The right outdoor jacket for every sort of sports and every weather

Outdoor Jackets

Wearing crampon-compatible trekking boots while bouldering? That's going to be tough! It is just the same thing with outdoor jackets. There is a different type of jacket for each type of outdoor sport, so you better choose wisely when picking a functional jacket. All of them should protect the person wearing it from wind and weather and provide a pleasant body temperature. Rain or snow, wind or hurricane-like storms, moisture management or protection from the cold, the function of weather jackets is swinging back and forth between these extremes.
Firstly, outdoor jackets are distinguished by their purposes for which they are made. Secondly, they are distinguished by the temperature range and the conditions under which they are worn and lastly there are different versions of it. That sounds more complicated than it actually but the explanation is simple. Which outdoor jacket do you pick when you are hiking? Which features are needed when it comes bike jackets? What is vital when buying running jackets? What does a good wind jacket look like?

What to look for in outdoor jackets

A good outdoor jacket provides reliable protection from wind, wet conditions and cold weather whilst also providing the necessary breathability. High-end membraned fibers, warming fleece or a full-fledged insulation made of down or synthetic fibers can do that with ease. The jacket's tailoring and fit are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement for the person wearing it.
Outdoor jackets are made to endure tough challenges and can withstand heavy-duty uses such as rock scratches. What's also important: the weight! Because the equipment is carried in the backpack over long distances on multi-day hikes and trekking tours.

Outdoor Jackets

The perfect functional jackets for any purpose

For all around use when hiking and trekking you can use breathable softshell jackets, windstopper and windbreaker jackets as well as hardshell jackets as your top layer clothing. You should consider the length of the tour, the weather range, the temperatures and, accordingly, the required protective function when picking a jacket.
3-in-1 jackets are particularly versatile. With these, you can cover the entire weather range. Therefore, these models are excellent all weather jackets for travel. Depending on the combination, they are winter jackets, transitional jackets and autumn jackets in one. The warmth-providing inner jacket can be removed easily and worn on it's own if the weather is dry.
Down jackets and synthetic jackets provide thorough protection from the cold at freezing temperatures. The fill is put in chambers which protect it from slipping out of position and hence creating cold bridges. Downs can be compressed particularly strongly measured by their thermal output, synthetic fibred fills such as PrimaLoft are moisture-resistant and keep you warm even at unpleasant, dank weather! Because of this, warming insulation jackets should not be missed, whether you go mountaineering, to college or to the office. The slightly less-padded versions of these outdoor jackets are a great alternative to common winter jackets.
You could say that fleece jackets and fleece vests are the Swiss army knives of functional jackets. Because warming, fast-drying fleece is ideal for use in a layer system. This is why these jackets are a must for any touring equipment.
But outdoor jackets do not have to be made of synthetic fibers! Wool jackets have excellent, natural functional features and keep your body just as warm when doing outdoor sports as it does in any other situation. Hereby, merino jackets are very comfortable to wear as merino wool feels absolutely soft and is not itchy at all. It is moisture-resistant and does not take on any odor even after being worn several times.
During your sweaty workout, moisture management, wind protection and freedom of movement are vital. Therefore, bike jackets and running jackets have a higher breathability, are designed specifically, are made of elastic softshell fabric or are equipped with stretch inserts. This goes for racer jackets just as it does for mountain bike jackets and bike jackets for the everyday cyclist.
A smart running jacket protects you from wind and hypothermia on the front, is super lightweight and has useful features. Details such as reflective elements, an effective ventilation and useful pockets for cereal bars, gels or your keys are important when running and trail running.

Outdoor Jackets

Reliable function in a suitable design for everyday use and leisure time

In everyday life and leisure time one might wonder: how can you have a nice design and functional features? Fashionable, modern outdoor coats are the answer! The classic-styled rain coat is perfect when walking your dog or a little strolling. A down coat keeps you warm when it is cold and unpleasant outside. A long tailored softshell coat or a great parka and nice quilted jackets you will be a definite eye-catcher when you are going to town.
Casual jackets are facing a challenge in that time of the year when the weather can not make up its mind. Well-equipped transitional jackets are an excellent solution in this case. They are versatile when it comes to features and are perfect for use when a light summer jacket is too little and a winter jacket is too much.

High-end functional jackets for the outdoors and city strolls!

A good outdoor jacket is a buy that pays of for any occasion: whether you are hiking and trekking, climbing, mountaineering or just as a reliable, good-looking casual jacket for everyday use! This combination of state-of-the-art functional fabrics, high-end processing, perfect tailoring and the right features make outdoor jackets a real all-rounder in any weather condition!

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