A jacket for the transition seasons: perfect for when the weather can't make up its mind

Transitional Jackets

Whether the leaves are changing colour or winter is finally coming to an end, you'll need a jacket that's made for the transition seasons! These chic casual jackets are extremely versatile and are much better suited for between seasons than thick winter jackets or light summer jackets.
Thanks to their fashionable designs, these stylish functional jackets are great for both casual and everyday wear. When wearing modern functional clothing on your way to the office, around town, on holiday and on leisurely strolls at the weekend, you’ll quickly notice things, such as how comfortable their fabrics are.

Everyday jackets with great functional features

Membrane materials will protect you against the wind and rain to ensure you remain dry. Depending on which jacket you go for, it might be water-repellent or waterproof, windproof or wind-resistant or also breathable. Whether you’re out on a rainy morning, a dry afternoon or a chilly evening, these jackets will keep you cosy.

Features of a good casual jacket

In addition to great looks, both functionality and a durable design are super important. Maloja, Didriksons, Fjällräven and Alprausch are great brands that have perfectly chic jackets for all seasons. Transitional Jackets

  • Made of fleece, these all-round jackets are guaranteed to keep you toasty warm. Plus, thanks to their great outer, you’ll be optimally protected against cold winds. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful autumn walks!
  • In milder temperatures, a lightweight spring jacket is great because it’s not too hot and it stops you from sweating.
  • 3-in-1 jackets are equally versatile. These jackets feature a warm, removable insulated jacket inside, which is either a longsleeve or a vest made of lightweight fleece. The two jackets can be worn together on cold days for optimal layering.
  • However, when the temperature drops even more, then it’s time for a padded casual jacket or a winter jacket. These are either made of synthetic fibres or down, but both are guaranteed to keep you warm.

  • Useful features of casual jackets

    Features, such as cleverly-positioned outer pockets for your wallet or cell phone are not only super convenient, but they really add value to a jacket. Outdoor jackets are meant to be worn with a backpack, but in everyday life you’re more likely to carry a small shoulder bag or a slim daypack, so you can opt for a casual jacket instead. In addition, when a casual jacket features a stand-up collar, this isn’t simply there for good looks, it also protects your neck against cold draughts. Plus, with a removable hood, autumn and spring jackets can offer great all-round protection.
    No matter if you're more into an athletic and functional model for travelling or an elegant and chic one for more relaxed weekends, you're guaranteed to find the right model for you thanks to the wide range of casual jackets available on the market!

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