Waterproof walking boots - dry feet on the go

Waterproof Walking Boots

When you're on a hiking tour or trekking, what's more annoying than wet feet? To put it simply, almost nothing. Waterproof walking boots and hiking shoes keep your feet dry in unfavorable weather. They also prevent soggy footsteps from ruining your hiking enjoyment. But what should waterproof hiking and walking boots be capable of?

How waterproof walking shoes work

Waterproof walking boots must be able to work hard at keeping moisture out during strong downpours. The same goes for long marches through mud and wet soil. Waterproof hiking shoes have a special membrane that's guaranteed to keep moisture out. Such a membrane (e.g., Gore-Tex) keeps water from breaching through the inside of the shoe. And it's breathable at the same time. Your waterproof walking boots won't become a hotbed for smelly feet.

Water-repellent hiking shoes have an additional pre-coating. It keeps out moisture. Rain simply drips off of the upper material. After a while, this kind of dry treatment must be renewed. It's best to take along the proper DWR spray for shoe care. Simply use the spray in fresh air and let your shoes dry. Your waterproof hiking shoes are ready for use again!

Waterproof walking boots offer lots of comfort

Like with other shoes, comfort is essential. Waterproof hiking shoes are made for long and exhausting routes. Cushioning insoles, stabilizing footbeds, and tight lacing systems make even the most demanding marches comfortable and pain-free. Waterproof hiking shoes are naturally used in moist and slippery environments. As such, the soles on waterproof hiking and walking boots have a few requirements to fulfill. They should offer a firm, secure hold on wet surfaces. Abrasion-resistant sole profiles made of durable rubber coatings keep a firm grip on slippery ground. The soles are constructed such that no moisture can enter the shoe through any of its seams.

Your waterproof walking boots might be from Lowa, Hanwag, Mammut, Ecco, or another well-known outdoor manufacturer. In any case, your feet will remain dry. If the weather doesn't want to go along with your plans, at least it won't have any effect on your feet!

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