Gore-Tex walking boots - perfect weather protection for your feet

GORE TEX Walking Boots

Rain, slush, and moisture - these are ideal conditions for Gore-Tex hiking shoes! Trekking and walking shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane protect your feet from moisture. At the same time, they provide enough air to let them breathe. If the weather isn't cooperating, there's no need to waste away at home. With weatherproof clothing and Gore-Tex walking boots, you can set out and enjoy the outdoors!

What Gore-Tex hiking shoes can do

What is Gore-Tex, anyway? Gore-Tex (or GTX) is a high-performance, microporous membrane that protects against all kinds of moisture. These membranes are still permeable to water vapor. In other words, they're breathable. This makes Gore-Tex boots water-repellent. Some models are completely waterproof. Your foot climate stays comfortable, in either case. Gore-Tex hiking shoes are an ideal companion in unfavorable weather.

But Gore-Tex hiking boots aren't just for lousy weather. The breathable membrane ensures that your shoes don't become a sweatbox for your feet. Gore-Tex hiking and trekking shoes are an advantage on multi-day tours with unpredictable weather conditions.

Gore-Tex walking boots keep your feet dry from the outside and the inside. The inner climate of the shoe is always wonderfully comfy. But they wouldn't be true walking boots without a few other features. That's why Gore-Tex hiking shoes have abrasion-resistant soles with a non-slip profile. They provide a good grip on difficult terrain. Various cushioning systems are used depending on the model. They make it easy to run on long trails. With firm lacing and a high shaft, your feet stay secure in these shoes. Trekking and walking boots in particular have a high shaft.

Gore-Tex walking boots from Lowa, Hanwag, Mammut, Salomon, and other well-known manufacturers protect your feet from wind and weather. Wet feet can't spoil your tour anymore!

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