Multi tools, the practical all-rounders

Multi Tools

Every outdoor enthusiast will agree: the more functions a piece of equipment has, the more practical and valuable it is on the way. A Multi tool is the best example. In a small tool, often no larger than a regular knife, there are a variety of functions. Thus the small practical helpers are worth gold for outdoor use and soon you won't want to leave behind your Multi tool.

What different Multi tools are there?

Multi tools are ten a penny. Which one is the right one for you, depends as always on the intended purpose. Those planning a trekking trip look for other functions than a cyclist, and the mountaineer has very different demands on its multifunction tool than other outdoor enthusiasts. One of the most original Multi tools is certainly the classic Swiss army knife, even if one would not straight away sort this pocket knife into this category. This even though the small red knifes with the Swiss emblem are filled with additional functions which can range, depending on design, from a toothpick to a pruning saw. They are thus significantly more like a Multi tool than a pure knife.
Multi tools in the strict sense often have a folding function, which allows for the installation of a pair of pliers. Furthermore, most Multi tools have various screwdriver or Allen key functions. Multi tools for cyclists usually have a tire lever and a device for riveting the bicycle chain. They are thus quickly a knight in shining armor in the event of a breakdown, since you won't necessarily have a bicycle workshop nearby when on tour.

What should you look out for when purchasing a Multi tool?

The purchase of the appropriate Multi tool is a science in itself. The right tool should contain all desired functions, but if possible no unnecessary ones. As you will never find a Multi tool precisely tailored to your personal needs, you will often be forced to compromise, but the sooner you know what you really need, the better the choice will be. In an attempt to save weight, you should always keep in mind that a stable structure is more important than a few grams less. A broken Multi tool is always too heavy, no matter how light it is.
Many multi tools of renowned manufacturers are designed in such a way that they dispense material at less exposed spots and thus save a few grams due to recesses. Besides the weight savings, this result is often an interesting look, which turns the Multi tool into a small work of art. After all, each Multi tool is always the favorite toy of its proud owner.

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