Sleep comfortably in a travel sleeping bag

Travel Seeping Bags

If you’re planning a hut to hut tour, then a travel sleeping bag is a must-have! Most hut owners require you to use a travel sleeping bag if you want to spend the night at their property. Such sleeping bags don’t just serve as ‘mobile duvet covers’, but they can also be used as sleeping bag liners to enhance thermal performance. In warm regions, they can also serve as summer sleeping bags.

Which travel sleeping bag should you get?

The first question you should ask yourself is which shape you want. Hut sleeping bags usually come in two shapes: rectangular shape or as a mummy liner. The latter can also be used as a sleeping bag liner in mummy sleeping bags.

Another important factor to look out for when choosing a travel sleeping bag is its material. Models made of silk are very lightweight and don’t require much space inside your backpack. However, they are relatively expensive. Microfibre travel sleeping bags are extremely tearproof, water-repellent and breathable. As for travel sleeping bags made of cotton, they feel extra soft and cosy, but they're quite heavy and require a lot of space. And if you want to be kept toasty warm at night, then you should opt for a fleece travel sleeping bag.

Many travel sleeping bags have an insert for a pillow integrated into the head section. Some even come with a drawstring at the head section that allows you to close it like a hood when it gets cold at night. You’re guaranteed to spend an incredibly restful night in the right travel sleeping bag.

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