Ascenders for ascending by rope


Whether it's planned or an emergency: with ascenders, as the name suggest, you can ascend with little effort up the rope. Among mountaineers this form of transport is also called up the rope is also called ‘jumaring'.

Ascenders are constructed in such a way that the rope can only pass through in one direction. They are mainly used forbig wall climbing, as well as technical and expedition climbing. Ascenders are useful for building pulley systems and help climbing photographers get the most exciting perspective for his photo.

Construction of Ascenders

Almost all ascenders function using a moving element, which is pressed onto the rope by a spring and the rope is clamped off under load. For this to work reliably even in extreme situations, such as on frozen ropes, many devices also have small teeth or grooves that bite into the rope sheath. Damage to the cable is as minimal as possible.

There's usually also on or more carabiner hooks on the ascender to attach it to a belt or for attaching slings. The clamping action is achieved by means of a lever. So with ascenders, you can not only climb up the rope but also descend.

Different types of ascender

Ascenders are available in various designs. From basic models with simple teeth and carabiner straps to the sophisticated, ergonomic ascenders with attachment eyelets and generous rubber grip. If you want to move more comfortably up the rope, then foot ascenders are for you. The choice depends on how they will be used. One thing is certain: Ascenders are an indispensable part of mountain sports.

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