Ascenders for climbing ropes


Whether your ascent is planned or you need to in case of an emergency, ascenders can help you get up the rope with little effort. Mountaineers and climbers call this form of transport ‘jumaring’.

Ascenders have been designed to only allow the rope to pass through in one direction. They’re mainly used for big wall climbing, technical climbing and expedition climbing. Ascenders are useful for building pulley systems and help climbing photographers get great shots.

How are ascenders constructed?

Almost all ascenders function using a moving element, which is pressed onto the rope by a spring, then the rope will be clamped off under load. For this to work even in extreme situations, such as on frozen ropes, many devices also have small teeth or grooves that bite into the rope sheath. This won't damage your rope.

There are also one or more "snap hooks" on the ascender to attach it to your harness or to slings. To release the clamping effect, you can use the lever. So, not only do ascenders assists you in climbing up the rope, but also during descents.

Different types of ascenders

Ascenders come in various designs. From basic models with simple teeth and carabiner straps to the sophisticated, ergonomic ascenders with attachment eyelets and a spacious rubber grip. In addition, if you want to move more comfortably up the rope, then you can look into foot ascenders. The choice will depend on how their use. But one thing is certain: ascenders are a must during mountain sports.

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