Sure footing on the rocks with sturdy approach shoes

Approach Shoes

Approach shoes are robust and sturdy half-shoes used by climbers to make their way through rough terrain towards the climbing wall. Since you usually spend more time trying to reach the wall than you do climbing it, all climbers should include comfortable and sturdy approach shoes in their gear.

Sure footing on gravel, grass and asphalt - what can be expected from good approach shoes?

The requirements for approach shoes are as varied as the terrain they have to cover on their way to the rock. So high-quality soles are crucial. The sole should be grippy and should protect the foot from hard, uneven ground. Alpine meadows, hiking trails and difficult terrain should be no problem at all for a good sole. As we said, approaching the climbing wall can be a struggle. Therefore, approach shoes must always fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. No one wants to reach the rock with blisters on their feet.

Weatherproof approach shoes

Of course, weather protection is essential as well, which is why approach shoes should be water-repellent. This allows your feet to stay nice and dry in light rain showers and damp meadows. When things get rough and your feet start to sweat, breathable membranes allow moisture to escape from inside the shoes. Once you get to the rock the real fun can start! Since most approach shoes are relatively light, you can easily stow them away in a backpack and swap them with your climbing shoes. Shoes with tabs on their heels can easily be clipped onto a carabiner hook. This keeps them out of the way.

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