Running socks for jogging, trail running, competition, and training

Running Socks

Without exception, special sports socks are recommended for running. Just like running shoes and running wear, running socks provide noticeably greater comfort on the trail. A variety of models are used depending on the season and intended purpose. Falke, CEP, Rohner, and X-Socks have very well-made socks in their product ranges.

What to look for in running socks

Comfortable running socks sit comfortably and wrinkle-free on the skin.
  • Uncomfortable pressure points and blisters are avoided. They certainly aren't desirable during very long runs. After all, you wouldn't be too thrilled to run while in pain.
A dry foot climate is just as important.
  • Running socks are breathable and consist of functional materials. Either pure synthetic fibers are used or the manufacturer resorts to a synthetic-cotton blend. These offer excellent moisture management. Sweat is immediately absorbed and directed away from the skin.
In addition to a dry foot climate, running socks have an odor-neutralizing effect.
  • Socks with special fabric treatments such as Polygiene hinder the work of sweat-decomposing bacteria. The innate functional properties of Merino are very pleasant for jogging and trail running, too. Runners are sure to find something like this at Icebreaker.

Models for summer, winter, and competition

Running Socks

Lightweight, unobtrusive socks are available for summer weather. When the days get shorter and the daily run ends with twilight and cooler temperatures, runners resort to thicker socks. Socks with compression are the most technical variants for running. Compression socks are densely knitted and worn tightly. Controlled pressure is applied to the calf muscles, relaxing them and promoting regeneration.
The right socks exist for every use, temperature, and discipline. In fact, it's just as easy for runners with rather broad feet to find the right running socks as it is for those with a more petite build. If it works for special hiking and trekking socks or padded skiing and snowboarding socks, it should be comfortable for jogging and trail running, too.

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