Travel bags and duffel bags for travel, sports and expeditions

Travel bags

Bags for travelling and physical activities differ greatly in material and features. Depending on the design, small and large travel bags offer between about 40 litres and 120 litres of storage space. Travel bags for longer tours often have a volume of 70 litres or 90 litres.

To ensure that the bags and duffel bags are easy to transport, they have different mechanisms. For transport on level ground, such as in cities and at airports and train stations, travel bags with wheels are suitable. Many duffel bags for travel and expeditions, on the other hand, are equipped with integrated backpack straps.

The right travel bag for every application

Duffle bags, which serve as waterproof travel bags for trekking and expeditions, are often made of particularly durable canvas and additionally reinforced with Cordura or polyester. The so-called "truck tarpaulin" is extremely weatherproof, resistant and durable. A stowable carry system and additional handles complement the expedition-ready duffle bags from companies such as The North Face, Ortlieb or Eagle Creek.

On the other hand, lighter material is also suitable for a pure sports bag or a spacious weekender. Weather protection and durability under extreme conditions tend not to play an important role. Instead, athletes and travellers value good equipment with various compartments for shoes, accessories and documents.

Compact travel bags or huge bags for equipment

Waterproof duffle bags are also available in smaller sizes. They are great for everyday use, as hand luggage, for day trips and weekend trips. In very large bags, on the other hand, there is room for equipment for winter tours, long travels and expedition gear. When fully filled, however, they are very heavy and almost impossible to carry even with backpack straps.

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