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The North Face

The North Face collection conveys the spirit and the adventure of outdoor sports like no other brand. Some of the best athletes of our time work with The North Face to ensure that the high expectations of their customers will always be met. The results of this fruitful collaboration are an excellent finish and ongoing research and innovation, which help revolutionize the segment for outdoor clothing over and over again.


You won't become a global market leader for outdoor clothing without using some of the pretty nifty materials that have made The North Face the unrivalled brand it has become today: The last line of defense against Mother Nature's whims.
In addition to premium materials like GORE TEX membranes and Co., customers have a choice of long-life HyVent PU wind and weather-proof, yet extremely breathable coatings for rain jackets.
The North Face's softshell product range stands out with exceptional APEX Softshell products that will have you look your best whatever the weather and circumstances.

Summit Series

The North Face has reached the absolute peak with its Summit Series, a highly technical and uncompromising collection of Alpinewear. The collection offers top quality garments with excellent performance and protection features for Alpine climbs.

Outdoor Equipment

The North Face is, however, much more than just a clothing label. There are sleeping bags, rucksacks, and tents that all offer the kind of quality you can rely on when push comes to shove. And that whatever you're into: mountainbiking, trail running, hiking, or climbing. Their uses are as varied as the models and styles on offer.

The North Face


Even in expedition gear you'll find The North Face labels wherever you go. The expedition tents sporting their stylized TNF logo can probably be found in every single base camp around the world. The same goes for the highly functional The North Face expeditionwear, which has been a major factor in countless fists punching the sky after a particularly arduous last leg to the summit.


The North Face has been a member of the bluesign initiative since 2008, and works tirelessly on the improvement of products and manufacturing processes to minimize the negative impact on the environment. The label's single-minded drive for sustainability comes from a deep-seated love and passion for nature - for the discovery of which the kind of gear is needed that TNF provides.
They have set their bar particularly high, which is why recycled materials for production and extremely durable products are just some of the aspects of their vision.

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