Whip up a delicious outdoor dinner with a simple gas stove

Gas Stoves

Small, yet powerful! This is true for most gas stoves built for camping and the outdoors. Nowadays, gas stoves are not only small, lightweight and portable, but they’re also pretty powerful. Having an innovative gas stove, along with a cooking system and accessories means you can cook up a tasty outdoor meal whilst camping. Gas stoves can not only bring water to a boil, but with the appropriate camping pot or outdoor pan, you can also prepare delicious, fried or stewed outdoor dishes. A gas stoves, an alcohol stoves or a petrol stoves, such as those offered by the camping manufacturers Jetboil, MSR, Trangia and Primus, are a must-have for your outdoor kitchen. You deserve to enjoy some delicious food even in the wild, on a hill walking trip or whilst in the mountains!

Gas stoves are small all-rounders

All a good gas stove needs is a full gas canister, a suitable pot, camping dishes or other cooking accessories, and tasty ingredients. Then, you’ll be able to whip up a meal at camp in no time. Plus, with today's camping gas stoves, you won’t even need matches or a lighter. Modern gas stoves are now equipped with a so-called piezo ignition, which causes the gas to burn at the push of a button and heats the flame. Even in the most adverse weather conditions, such as in strong winds, freezing cold or high humidity, gas stoves, alcohol stoves and petrol stoves can still function perfectly with the appropriate accessories. If desired, the gas stove can be upgraded with a practical wind shield, a stable cooker frame, lightweight aluminium pots that can heat up quickly or you can get a set with a storm-proof stove that ensures greater efficiency, and that prevents unnecessary performance and energy loss whilst cooking. As a result, you can even satisfy your appetite in extreme weather conditions.

Gas cartridge stoves are practical little bundles of energy

A small gas stove now takes up virtually no space, so you’ll definitely find space for it in your walking backpack for your multi-day trip or camping holidays. The removable gas canisters from Primus, Jetboil, Trangia, MSR or Soto can also easily be stowed away in your luggage. In addition, gas stoves with multi-mount connections are great because it guarantees you’ll find cartridges nearly anywhere. With a high-quality and practical gas cooker, you’ll be able to cook up a delicious meal for you and your friends.

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