Well fortified against thirst: Water bottles

Water Bottles

The right hydration system should not be missing from any tour! Whether its a folding bottle or water pouch: The right water supply is as important on short trips in the heat as on multiday tours through the tundra. Here, you will find out everything about selecting the right hydration system.

Finding the right water bottle

It is necessary to consider the design and size while selecting a water bottle.
For long tours and those in hot weather, the large bottle should be picked over a model with only half liter capacity. In addition, not every water bottle is practical in every situation. A stable water bottle (e.g. Nalgene) is highly suitable for very athletic tours due to usability with one hand. In comparison, a folding bottle (e.g. Platypus) with a flexible volume is perfectly suited to backpack tours.

Water bottle or water pouch

Depending on personal preference, one can choose a water bottle or prefer a hydration system in the backpack. However, both systems offer advantages and disadvantages, which depend particularly on the duration and type of the adventure.
For long tours and those with backpack or in areas without dependable sources of drinking water (creeks, springs) water pouches are more suitable, since they guarantee sufficient supply. For short tours without much luggage or those with the possibility of filling up on water, bottles are the first choice.

Water filters and water bottle

To guarantee the use of water bottles even in remote areas or on multiday tours, there are special water filters. Through combined filter systems, these are suitable for obtaining water for cooking and also for filling bottles on tour. Using a flexible water carrier while camping is often helpful.

Material and accessories for water bottles

Water bottles are either made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. While metals permanently ensure neutral taste, the contents of transparent plastic water bottles can be seen.
To prevent an ice cold surprise in winter, there is insulating packaging for bottles, pouches, and tubes made of neoprene. Special cleaning sets ensure long term freshness.

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