Partner Program for – climbing, mountain sports & outdoors

Do you have a climbing or outdoor page? Here is your chance to earn some extra cash by recommending an excellent shop for all the gear your visitors could ever need with some well-placed ads.

Your partnership with Bergfreunde – This is how it works

  1. Get some info
    Your first step should be finding out everything there is to know about the Bergfreunde Partner Program, and why it would benefit you to become our partner: Learn more
  2. Login
    When you're ready, you simply register for our Partner Program right here.
  3. Wait for verification
    Once you have registered, you will then receive an automated confirmation email from us. It will take between two and three working days to verify your registration, after which you will receive an activation email containing the access information to your personal partner area.
  4. Implementation
    When you sign in to your personal partner area, you will have access to a variety of advertising material, live statistics, and more. Simply choose those elements you think are right for your website and insert our code wherever you want it.
  5. Remuneration
    You will make money every time a visitor coming from your page places an order with us!

Your benefits

  • 7% commission on all sales for up to 30 days after a new client has been forwarded by you
  • Monthly commission payments (min. €25)
  • No costs and no risk for you
  • Personal partner area with plenty of marketing material to choose from
  • Easy implementation even for beginners
  • Free email and phone support
  • Periodic partner newsletter
  • Registration and deregistration whenever you want

Any other questions, wishes or suggestions?

Don't hesitate to send me an email or call me!

Contact person for the partner program
Tel.: +49 (0) 7121 7012-2868

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