Dog supplies for hikers and outdoor athletes

Not every dog is equally suited as a companion for hiking and mountain tours. Depending on the breed, age and character of the dog, your faithful four-legged friends may be unlikely to have what it takes for sporty tours. Other types of dogs, however, are almost unstoppable in the mountains or feel very comfortable camping or at lakes, rivers and by the sea. Depending on the dog, the dog owner and the outdoor activity, the equipment for the dog also differs Special dog supplies make outdoor sports more pleasant, safer and more comfortable for humans and animals.

Dog supplies and dog accessories for camping, hillwalking and touring in the mountains differ in many ways from accessories for dogs, who as pets are rarely allowed to sniff more than their own garden or the nearby city park. Many dogs of families with an affinity for mountain sports are equipped with special dog harnesses, extra dog leashes and functional dog collars for hillwalking and touring. Weatherproof dog coats, dog shoes and dog socks complement the extensive range of dog supplies with dog clothing for on the go.

Special dog collars and leads for dogs for hillwalking

With flexi leashes that can be attached to your own waist belt, the dog and hiker enjoy very good freedom of movement whilst running. A flexi leash with waist belt is also a good choice for use when jogging with a dog. In contrast to a flat leash, it simplifies handling in demanding terrain. However, a flat leash can be used just as well for camping and in open terrain, such as on the beach or in meadows.

Depending on the dog and the athletic outdoor activity, dogs can either wear a normal dog collar when hillwalking and trekking or can be equipped with a dog harness that distributes the pull over the entire upper body and so does not just pull on the neck. Some dog harnesses are already insulated like a dog coat dog coat and offer good protection in wet and cold conditions. The dog itself often decides which variant and combination of dog collar, dog harness and dog coat works best, because while some dogs feel perfectly comfortable with a dog coat, others prefer to move around without protective dog clothing.

Dog socks and dog boots for challenging terrain

Special socks and shoes for dogs are certainly not a must for every hike and every dog. But for particularly frosty ground, long tours on scree and sharp rocks or hot sand with thorns and other sharp objects, the high-quality dog shoes and dog socks from Ruffwear provide very good protection. Dog shoes with non-slip soles protect the paws of your beloved four-legged friends from injuries and pain. With pleasant cushioning, they guarantee great wearing comfort, higher performance capabilities and endurance.

In addition to essential outdoor gear for dogs, an outdoor-ready dog blanket, a portable and foldable water bowl and food bowl, and fun dog toys for on-the-go will please every small and large dog. For additional safety and good visibility in the dark and in poor visibility, special LED clips can be used that are simply attached to the dog collar or dog harness. Glow-in-the-dark dog collars are also ideal for this purpose.

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