No tour without a high-quality cycling jersey

Cycling Jerseys

They are light, comfortable, and highly functional: Along with cycling pants, cycling jerseys are an essential part of every cyclists equipment. They are particularly designed for maximum performance under extreme strains. Breathability, flexibility, and high comfort are only a few characteristics every cycling shirt should have. But what makes for a good cycling jersey? And what should be considered before buying one?

Cycling jerseys stand out for maximum functionality

The next best T-shirt is simply not enough when you're pushing yourself to the limit on your mountain bike or road bike. The sport of cycling requires quality and a functional shirt that endure any challenge when other fabrics have already reached their limits. This is where high-quality cycling jerseys come into play! They are designed to meet any demand and will convince even the most critical cyclist!

First things first: Breathability! Cycling isn't just a lot of fun but also an exhausting and sweaty activity. For this reason, most cycling jerseys are highly breathable. The sweat is directly absorbed by the fabric and transported outside, where it evaporates. This protects your body from overheating and provides you with dry wearing comfort. Many cycling jerseys also come with ventilation options such as a zipper in the collar area, which is a real treat when it gets too warm. Thanks to their windproof design, some cycling jerseys also protect you from freezing airstreams. Depending on the respective model, cycling jerseys come with additional useful features. UV-protected fabrics keep you from dangerous UV radiation. Antimicrobial fabrics prevent the shirt from taking on unpleasant odours. Perfect for long touring and sensitive noses!

Mind the cut as well

Cycling Jerseys

The cut is also very important! Cyclists most often lean forward when they ride their bikes. For this reason, cycling jerseys are cut longer in the back. Therefore, they don't slide up unnecessarily and your back remains protected. Besides the handlebar, other things must always be handy during the ride as well. For this reason, it makes sense to carry your bags and pockets where you can easily reach them while riding your bike. Most often, a bag on your back that can be reached easily is worth its weight in gold!

Cycling jerseys are available as short sleeve or long sleeve models. While short sleeve jerseys are most common, long-sleeved models are perfect for the transitional seasons. If you like it flexible, you can also combine short sleeve shirts with functional arm sleeves. This allows you to adapt to changing temperatures and weather conditions perfectly. The practical one-piece is another type of cycling jersey. In fact, it is a combination of cycling pants and top. In other words, it is sort of an overall for cycling. No matter if you're looking for women's or men's cycling jerseys, the most important factor is the correct size. Should it fit tightly? Or do you prefer wide cuts? Of course your choice depends on your personal taste but the intended use must be considered as well. While racing cyclists do better with tight fitting jerseys, most mountain bikers prefer somewhat wider cuts. Regardless of which type of jersey you will choose, one thing is for sure: Endura, Löffler, Scott, Pearl Izumi, Mavic, and other renowned manufacturers always provide you with the highest possible quality!

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