Functional long & short sleeve shirts for everyday wear and outdoor sports

long & short sleeve shirts

For many, T-shirts and long sleeve tops are part of comfortable everyday clothing. T-shirts with short and long sleeves are comfortable base layers under sweatshirts, jumpers and fleece jackets. T-shirts, tops and tanks are also the perfect clothing for warm and summery temperatures. Short trousers, boardshorts, skirts and shorts pair perfectly with T-shirts, tank tops and airy sandals.

T-shirts and long sleeve tops made of cotton and organic cotton are carried by most brands for sportswear, leisure wear and everyday wear. However, many companies specialise in certain sports, materials and areas of use. Chillaz, for example, targets climbers and boulderers with its T-shirts and long sleeves, Maloja inspires mountain bikers and road cyclists with innovative designs and Icebreaker impresses outdoor athletes with the finest Merino wool.

Running shirts and cycling jerseys made from breathable fabric

For sports with intensive movement, clothing companies rely on particularly stretchy and movement-friendly materials that dry quickly and rapidly wick moisture away from the body. Functional material blends of polyester, elastane or polyamide provide the necessary mix of durability, wearing comfort and sporty performance.

As a base layer under additional layers of clothing that provide warmth, wind and weather protection, sport shirts are ideal for creating an optimal microclimate on the body and enabling a balance of ventilation and breathability.

Chic shirts and pretty tops

T-shirts, tops and shirts can impress when hillwalking, climbing and cycling thanks to their functional features with sophisticated details and breathable materials. In addition, shirts, tops and tanks also have to look good and attract attention during sports and in everyday life with pretty designs, great cuts, attractive colours and interesting motifs.

Functional shirts with short sleeves and shirts with long sleeves are especially popular with hikers. They are best worn with a walking backpack on and provide airy comfort for hillwalking and trekking. Pretty and easy-care shirts made of robust synthetic fibre are also perfect for travelling and everyday wear.

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