Casual T-shirts for outdoor activities and leisurely city strolls


Always a good choice: The T-shirt is quite rightly the king of the wardrobe! It is a master of versatility and a great choice for any occasion. Paired with jeans or shorts, it brings a casual feel to your everyday life and leisure time. The selection of casual T-shirts is so large, there's bound to be something for everyone!

Individual, versatile and flexible

What's it going to be? A modest single-colored variation or a nice patterned print - slim fit or loose fit? With collar and button placket as a classic polo shirt, or a V-neck, round neck or crewneck? There are plenty of opportunities to express your individual style with a T-shirt.
The classic T-shirt is made of cotton and was originally worn as an undershirt. These times are long gone. Nowadays the cotton is organic and a trendy shirt works as outer clothing that you are happy to display. Functional shirts for outdoor activities are predominantly made of synthetic fibers, merino wool or a combination of both. These shirts offer key benefits for intense sporting activities in particular.

Sport T-shirts for men and women

It is not surprising that a suitable T-shirt is the ideal item of clothing for all outdoor sports. Casual for climbing and bouldering, comfortable for hiking and trekking and highly functional for the bike! For all purposes and for everyone, men, women and even children in the appropriate sizes. So our junior outdoor enthusiasts are also kitted out properly.
All big outdoor brands including Icebreaker, Maloja, Alprausch, Patagonia and TNF have stylish T-shirts for everyday use and every type of sport in their range!


Climbing shirts combine style and functionality

When heading out for some climbing and bouldering or to the climbing gym for training, a climbing T-shirt is just the thing! The casual shirts made of either pure cotton or a fabric blend with synthetic fibers are extremely comfortable to wear and enable exceptional range of motion. An addition of functional fibers ensures that the shirt dries more quickly.
A climbing shirt's finish makes it tough and easy to clean. After all, climbers and boulderers on holiday don't want to spend their whole time doing laundry. Practical features like a merino blend or an odor-inhibiting treatment ensure that the shirt can be worn more than once without disturbing your fellow climbers.

Optimally equipped across hill and dale! With suitable hiking T-shirts

With a high quality hiking shirt there is nothing left standing in the way of your adventure in the great outdoors! From the classic checkered variation to the modern and athletic variation with a technical fit, there is something for every hiker out there! A functional shirt for hiking is breathable and stands out due to its quick-dry properties. It handles moisture transport in the layering system and ensures a comfortable body temperature.
Details such as patch breast pockets and offset shoulder seams, which prevent chafing against the shoulder straps of the backpack, really come in handy in the country. Another useful feature when hiking in the mountains on multi-day tours or hut touring is a high degree of UV protection!

Casual bike shirts with fantastic functionality

A bike shirt for mountain biking, or used as a cycling jersey for race bike fans, offers practical benefits that satisfy the requirements on the saddle. The fabrics used are breathable, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying. The biker thus maintains a comfortably dry body sensation and does not get unpleasantly chilled through while biking.
Good cycling shirts have an elongated back covering the kidney area in such a way as to prevent chafing. When riding on mountain roads at high altitudes in summer, UV protection makes complete sense. Cycling T-shirts with reflective elements increase road safety and are a sensible choice for both bicycle commuters and adventurous riders.

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