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The perfect camping equipment and helpful camping accessories

Camping Equipment

With a well-tuned camping equipment and the corresponding outdoor equipment camping is a lot more fun. Some pieces of equipment are indispensable while other camping accessories simply make your camping life nicer, more comfortable and more practical.

  • Camping tents
    There are all sorts of tents for campers in different dimensions and designs. The number of places to sleep frequently is the most vital question when it comes to picking the perfect camping tent. Depending on the purpose, tent manufacturers offer one-man tents, two-man tents, three-man tents, tents for several persons as well as family tents. If there is a lot of baggage to be stored inside the tent, we recommend a tent with large vestibules. Alternatively, you can just go for a slightly bigger camping tent and buy a three-man tent for two people with a lot of baggage for example. Camping tents are available with different constructions such as dome tents, tepee tents and house tent.

  • Tent accessories
    Extensions and additions for camping equipment are groundsheets or Footprints, which fit the shape and dimensions of your tent and are perfect to protect your tent's bottom from damage due to sharp rocks. Depending on the ground type your camping equipment will need to include different tent stakes which are suitable for very sandy or very hard grounds for example. A camping hammer, a folding spade, a repair kit for tents and an additional piece of guy rope will prepare the experienced camper for any event.

  • Camping sleeping bags
    Depending on the temperature range and season, different types of camping sleeping bags are used. Whether it's a warm mummy sleeping bag with high-quality down for very cold temperatures or a light synthetic sleeping bags for summer you need - the right sleeping bag for camping depends on your destination. If the sleeping bag is also part of your hiking equipment, you might want to look for a particularly light sleeping bag.

  • Sleeping mats
    The classic air mattress is used less and less by campers while camping. Self-inflating sleeping mats are very comfortable - the handling as well as the comfort while you sleep. In addition to that, their low weight and the small pack size are very practical when it comes to transporting them. Depending on your preference, there are comfortable sleeping mats in various dimensions and thicknesses, as well as special thermal sleeping mats for winter. Alternatively, there are also sleeping mats made of foam or Evazote sleeping pads which are very popular due to their easy handling among campers, hikers and trekkers.

  • Camping stove
    Nice food along with fresh air is a vital aspect of camping. There are Camping stoves in different variations for that. Some of the more popular variants are camping stoves with gas cartridges or gas bottles, alcohol stoves and gas stoves or multifuel stoves. When you're out in the wilderness, your trekking equipment could include a multifuel stove which is very suitable for this purpose while a comfortable gas stove with several cooktops and wind protection provides a nice dinner on the camp site.

  • Camping Equipment
  • Camping dishes
    There are light and robust camping dishes available for everybody's taste. Pot sets for campers mostly consist of aluminium and can be stacked on top of each other in a compact way. Camping plates and camping cups made of plastic or aluminium are sturdy and perfectly suitable for your camping equipment. With camping cutlery or sporks, which combine a fork, a spoon and a knife, your dinner outside will be even more enjoyable.

  • Camping accessories
    Besides tents, sleeping bags and stoves, camping chairs, camping tables, camping lanterns with gas lanterns or LED, hammocks and tarps are important when it comes to camping. Portable solar panels which are used as energy source are becoming increasingly popular among campers as well.