Durable footprints to protect your tent floor against sharp edges

Groundsheets and Footprints

Anyone who purchases a high-quality tent with a lightweight frame and extremely dense fabric will surely want to keep it for a long time. To ensure the tent doesn’t get damaged by an unnoticed branch or sharp rock under the tent, lots of manufacturers recommend using one of their footprints. You will find footprints from Hilleberg, MSR, Exped and other brands in our shop that will suit the dimensions of your tent.

Why use a footprint

During a heavy rainfall, not only does the flysheet need to be able to withstand the rain, but the tent floor, which tends to quickly absorb water, must do its best to fend off the moisture. The tent floor’s hydrostatic head, coating and support it provides all play an important role here. The footprint should correspond to the floor dimensions of your tent. However, some brands offer footprints that are about 10 cm narrower on all sides than the tent floor to prevent puddles from forming between the two.
A footprint can also be practical in dry conditions: one’s own body weight and movements whilst sleeping can cause strain on the material underneath, so a footprint prevents the creation of pressure points. Another great advantage is that it creates a protective layer, so you won’t need to lay directly on sharp rocks or abrasive forest floor. Plus, they prevent the tent floor from getting dirty and sticky stains, such as tree sap.

Further uses for footprints

Footprints are dark, waterproof tarpaulins which can be used in different ways. Many tent bases are equipped with durable eyelets which allow the footprint to be fixed by using pegs, or can even be used to stretch like a tarp to use it as sun protection or a roof.
If you’re really trying to pack as little equipment as possible and are camping in the milder months, you can leave your inner tent at home and simply set up your flysheet over a footprint. However, this won’t protect you against wind and cold draughts, so you should check the weather before you go.

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