A tool for all occasions: on the go with multifunctional knives

Multitools are more than just outdoor knives. In the smallest of packages, they offer a wide range of practical tools that make it easy to carry out many repairs while on the go. In this respect, the multi-tool can often replace an entire workshop, taking up minimal space and weight.

There are multi-functional knives with all kinds of different features. Some tools only have a few functions and are specialised for certain areas of use, such as cycling, fishing or climbing. Others offer a wide range of tools that provide a solution to any problem while hill walking, trekking or camping.

A multifunctional tool instead of a simple pocket knife

A good knife should always be at your side when touring in the backcountry. Multifunctional knives offer many different additional tools that can be folded out individually. From pliers, wood and metal saws, to scissors, screwdrivers and bottle openers, the range of uses for outdoor knives is almost endless.

The multi-tools from Leatherman, Gerber or Opinel can be individually unfolded and secured, like the famous Swiss Army knife. With this useful function, no knife blade can unintentionally fold in and, what's more, the screwdriver can be used with great effectiveness.

Functional outdoor knives made of high-quality stainless steel

Only stainless materials such as stainless steel or titanium are used in the manufacturing of multifunctional knives. They are screwed together for extra durability and are guaranteed to impress with their excellent stability and reliability in everyday and outdoor use. Despite their sturdy construction, these multifunctional tools are relatively lightweight and can easily be attached to a belt, for example, with a practical carrying pouch.

Multi-tools are also available for children, with outdoor outfitters offering special models that are designed with features and ergonomic designs suitable for children. There are even multifunctional knives for children, so that the youngsters are well equipped for hiking and playing in nature. In addition to the classic fold-out multi-tools, there are also tools that can be worn like a wrist strap. They do away with the knives and pliers, instead offering a wide selection of screwdrivers and spanners.

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