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An over 200-year-old family-owned business


Schöffel owes the high quality of its sports clothing not least to its 200 years of experience. It all began in 1804 with stockings, nightcaps and Swabian Zipfelmützen (pointed caps). Since then, the company constantly broke new grounds until it found its true purpose during the 1950s hiking boom. They began manufacturing extremely tough trousers and twenty years later, the German company Schöffel noticed Gore-Tex’s potential. Today, they're one of the leading brands producing functional ski and outdoor clothing in the German-speaking world. Schöffel is now a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and the European Outdoor Conservation Association, and it’s committed to the strict bluesign standards for textiles.

As one of the leading manufacturers of functional outdoor and ski clothing, Schöffel always maintained a good reputation and high-quality standards. In cooperation with Gore-Tex, they produce top-class functional textiles for hill walkers, trekkers and skiers that are waterproof, windproof and breathable. Anyone can rock their clothes because their motto "I'm out" can speak to all age groups. In addition, Schöffel offers all active outdoor athletes the safety they need and the comfort they desire.

Sustainable, environmentally aware and socially responsible

Schöffel has long been committed to producing sustainable outdoor textiles. They want their products to have a timeless design to ensure the durable, functional textiles can be worn for many years and don’t need to constantly be replaced by new products. Strict adherence to the internal list of banned substances and eco-friendly certifications of its suppliers are also important to Schöffel. The aim is not only to make the products themselves more eco-friendly and durable, but also the production. They do this by avoiding environmentally harmful substances during production or by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy waste throughout the supply chain.


In addition, companies that produce for, or on behalf of, Schöffel need to meet high social standards, which are clearly regulated and communicated by the brand. The standards include health and safety at work as well as legally binding employment relationships. As a result, Schöffel not only helps numerous families in the countries where their products are being manufactured, but they also improve the overall economic and social development in the countries involved in production.

They support team sports and extreme mountaineers

Schöffel sponsors numerous mountain sport athletes, skiers and teams. From the Austrian ski team to the two extreme mountaineering legends, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits, numerous athletes are well equipped for their skiing and outdoor adventures thanks to Schöffel’s apparel.

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