Relaxed practice with the right yoga mat

Yoga mat

Yoga has long since found its way into climbing. It doesn't necessarily take popular role models like Chris Sharma to understand the sense behind the connection. Just as slacklining improves coordination, making it an ideal complement to pure climbing or bouldering, yoga helps prepare for difficult routes and moves by focusing concentration.
In addition, yoga is a great alternative to training, as many exercises are not primarily contemplative, but also strengthening and stretching.
For yoga, you don't need much in the way of equipment apart from the right instruction. However, all your equipment should be just right, so that relaxation and concentration can take full effect.
Here are some helpful tips for choosing your yoga mat.

Features of a good yoga mat

A yoga mat must combine several important properties. Ideally, it should be light and easy to transport (roll-up), non-slip, provide good cushioning and, of course, be the right size. In addition, yoga and meditation mats often have high sustainability requirements. Therefore, such exercise accessories are usually produced in an environmentally friendly way and are made of natural fabrics such as natural rubber or new wool. Of course, there are also robust and cheaper alternatives made of synthetics.
The gym mat should fit your body size and be easy to compress for transport. When it comes to body weight and the type of exercises, the thickness and thus the cushioning of the mat is crucial. Small details such as a loop to secure the mat when it is rolled up, or a special anti-slip coating on the underside of the mat make it easier to use in everyday life.
There are also matching accessories such as carrying bags and straps for tying yoga mats. In addition, the range of well-known companies such as Prana also includes beautiful yoga pants and yoga shirts made of environmentally friendly and soft fabrics that go well with the design of the yoga mat!

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