Ski socks that fit great and are/keep you warm

Ski socks ensure comfort and a pleasant microclimate for your feet when you're on the slopes. During alpine skiing, ski touring and cross-country skiing, you tend to work up a sweat quite quickly. Functional ski socks are therefore responsible for transporting moisture quickly from the inside of the ski boots to the outside to ensure your feet stay as warm and dry as possible.

Just like ski trousers and ski jackets, ski socks that fit well are an important part of your ski wear. Even if you're wearing the best ski boots, it/they won't be as comfortable if you aren't wearing high-quality socks. Snug-fitting thermal socks wrap around your feet like a second skin and are equipped with special reinforcements on heavily stressed areas. These are typically found on the toes and heels, but some models also have some at the shins for extra cushioning at the boot's collar. As for ski touring socks, they have additional cushioning to make ascents more comfortable.

Functional and fashionable socks

Winter socks, ski touring socks and ski socks are made of functional materials that are durable, have a good fit and are super breathable. Therefore, sock manufacturers, such as Falke, Smartwool and Stance, choose to use elastic synthetic fibres and warm merino wool. Merino socks are not only super warm, but they also have excellent moisture-regulating properties. They don't absorb bad odours and will provide warmth even if they get wet.

Synthetic ski socks offer an excellent fit and can quickly transport moisture away to the outside. This material is easy to care for and will dry rapidly after being washed. To combine the advantages of synthetic socks and merino socks, sock manufacturers use blends of synthetic fibres and wool to create high-quality sports socks for winter athletes. Of course, manufacturers also try to make them look stylish. In addition to the plain and monochromatic designs of winter, ski touring and knee-high socks, you can find socks in all sorts of colours with cool prints and patterns.

Finding the right ski socks

Depending on which skiing discipline they're intended for, the cushioning and ventilation of the socks may vary. For example, ski touring socks are more breathable and have additional cushioning elements. They must protrude over the edge of the boot to prevent pressure points from forming between the ski boots and the edge of the socks. The socks should reach about a hand's width over the edge of the ski boots. That goes for women, men and children alike. As for cross-country ski socks, breathable socks are the way to go.

Your ski socks should fit you perfectly to prevent them from slipping down into your boots and forming unpleasant wrinkles. Especially at the heels and toes, the socks shouldn't be too long nor too wide. A good pair of ski socks will fit perfectly and feel like a second skin. You should definitely try your socks with your ski boots to ensure they're a good match.

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