The pole, a skier's scepter

Ski Poles

Winter without snow is like skiing without ski poles or skis. As well as the right skis, you also need the right ski poles in the correct size for skiing. A robust ski helmet and good goggles offer protection from falls, ensure the perfect view and round off a skiers equipment. So once you have the right skis, ski boots, ski poles, ski helmet, ski goggles, ski gloves and a weatherproof ski outfit, then nothing stands in the way of your next exciting day on the slopes.

Ski poles act as a balance and clock for a skier.

Every skier who's every skied without poles, knows the feeling: Everything on the skis feels spongy and unstable. Turning in the snow without ski poles is mismatched and unharmonious. It's very difficult to turn corners without ski poles! It feels almost like when trying to grope through the most severe snowstorm without goggles or skiing against the sun on the slopes without sunglasses. And skiing without a ski helmet, let alone without ski poles, would be very dangerous. Without ski poles, skiing becomes much, much harder. You can't turn nearly as easily or as elegantly in the snow. But ski poles that are too short or too long, just like a ski helmet that's the wrong size or ski goggles without lenses, will be out of place and won't bring any benefit. Therefore the length is really important in the choice of ski poles as well as the personal preference of the skier.

Elegantly down the snow with the right ski poles

Good ski poles of the correct length are now almost as important as the right length matching skis. If your ski pole is too short, then you're missing out on valuable balance and support whist skiing. In addition, short ski poles cause the upper body to sag, because it's not held upright by the poles when skiing. The valuable walking and power boost is also lost when you use poles that are too short, which is important when skiing on roads and highways. However if a ski pole is too long, then using them can interrupt your rhythm. Ski poles that are too long also require extra effort, which can lead to loss of control in steep terrain. The perfect length of a ski pole is when the angle at the elbow between the lower and upper arm when holding the ski pole in the loop is a little less than 90 °. Only then can you be sure that the ski pole will be able to act as boost, balance, rhythm setter and metronome. Finally, there are also individual preferences in terms of diameter, weight and design of the ski pole. But that's up to each individual skier. The most important thing is that the length of the ski poles fits.

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