Style and Functionality: Outdoor jackets for women

Outdoor Jackets Women

Whether it is a mountain tour, climbing or a campfire - there is a perfect functional jacket for women for any outdoor purpose! Since there is such a great abundance and many different special functions and features in outdoor jackets for women, the following overview should help to pick the right model out of the wide variety available.
It is great that modern jackets for women not only are sporty but fashionable as well and while they are specially tailored for women they are available in an either truly technical or very urban design!

The purpose of outdoor jackets for women

Jackets for women either keep you pleasantly warm or protect you from wind and weather. Depending on that you can choose how the jacket is tailored.
If you are looking for a layer on a chilly morning, after dawn or to keep you warm while doing snow sports, you should consider the warming ability and go for a fleece jacket, a down jacket or a synthetic jacket. Outdoor jackets for women usually have a slim cut to provide a great fit and the thermal materials make sure that your body temperature stays where it is supposed to be!
In contrast, rain jackets (hardshell) and wind jackets are a sort of coat that does not keep you that warm but dry and wind-protected. You should rather pick a more casual-tailored model, so that you can wear a soft fleece jacket or your favorite sweater under the jacket that will keep you safe from snow in winter!
Softshell jackets, 3-in-1 jackets and lined skiing or winter jackets are a reasonable compromise when it comes to warming ability and weather protection and they are made of warming inner as well as protecting outer layers. In general these types of jackets, just as with hardshells, are worn as the outer layer which not only repel wind and water but are particularly durable, too.

Features of outdoor jackets for women

Depending on whether you want to wear your jacket in the summer only or also in cold weather conditions, while doing sport or in everyday life, there are smart details that make a good functional outdoor jacket for women!
For cold weather and skiing, you should go for thumb loops, Arm warmers, an ankle snow gaiter lined hand warmer pockets or even avalanche beacons.
Of course, a hood, adjustable seams and appropriately placed pockets are to be taken into consideration when buying a women's jacket.
When it comes to models that are made for travel and warm weather in summer, safety pockets or ventilations are good features to look for.

Design of outdoor jackets for women

There are very sporty models with reflectors, embedded seams, contrasting zippers and a variety of colors as well as decent outdoor jackets for women which offer functionality and can be worn everyday.
Whether on the mountains or in the urban jungle: Outdoor jackets for women keep you warm, offer protection and are long-lasting companions for your favorite type of sports!

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