Windproof, water repellent, breathable - softshell jackets for women

Softshell Jackets Women

Soft shell has become indispensable for outdoor clothing. A women's soft shell jacket is, so to speak, the most versatile of all outdoor clothing. Mountain sport and outdoor loving women will really appreciate the comfort of a women's soft shell jacket. Compared to a women's hardshell jacket a softshell jacket is a lot softer so it fits the female form better. This is due to the pleasant stretch effect of soft shells. The range of women's soft shell jackets is now extensive and offers a wide choice for summer and winter activities outside and in the mountains. So mountain loving women are perfectly dressed whatever the season.

Technical features of women's softshell jackets

A softshell jacket for women has many positive characteristics that make it an absolutely necessary for the outdoors: Softshells for women are incredibly wind and water resistant. Some soft shell jackets are also equipped with a Gore Windstopper membrane. So these women's softshells are completely windproof and fulfil the function of a classic windbreaker. Several soft shell jackets from the Swiss outdoor manufacturer Mammut for example, are equipped with a Gore Windstopper. Compared to a classic hardshell jacket, a softshell has higher breathability. The reason for this is a special microfiber fabric which has an extremely water repellent effect thanks to the smooth outer surface, but also has a greater evaporation surface. The water is transported along the fiber surface and then wicked away. Used with the right baselayer or underwear this delivers maximum functionality and perfect moisture management.
Softshell jackets for women are recognizable by the surface, which is matt and ensures a wicking effect, pulling moisture away from the body towards the outer surface material. Unlike hardshell membranes, there is no moisture accumulation in women's softshells. So active wanderers, climbers and mountaineers will appreciate the excellent microclimate on the body, which is maintained even during strenuous activity by the softshell fabric.

Further features of women's softshell jackets

In addition to the feminine cut, which is tailored to the female anatomy, women's softshell jackets also have other great features: A technical softshell jacket for women is equipped with pit zips for extra ventilation. The seams of high quality softshells are usually sealed with a tape strip and the zips are water repellent. There are various pockets for valuable accessories so that women always have access even when wearing a backpack or climbing harness. Thin and lightweight, or lined with fleece, softshell jackets let women get outside whatever the time of year.

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