Feeling great in cozy fleece jackets for women

Fleece Jackets Women

Good fleece clothing for women is a must have for modern outdoor activities! This includes technical fleece jackets as well as fleece pants. A women's fleece jacket, fleece pants, a fleece pullover or fleece gloves and a fleece beanie are to be found in almost every outdoor closet. A fleece jacket for women is a must-have in combination with the classic 3-in-1 jacket.

Especially in the colder times of year, when snow is falling instead of rain, more active winter sports lovers will be wearing a high quality fleece jacket outside in the mountains, in the snow and in other winter settings. Many women also wear fleece as thin summer jackets or as a stylish fleece coat for between seasons.

Fleece - the stuff that cozy outdoor adventure is made from

There is a wide variety of different outdoor clothing manufacturers nowadays that have tailored their fleece jackets to the individual needs of active women who love the outdoors and mountain sports. The Californian outdoor label Patagonia for example, not only stands out for its sustainable and environmentally conscious production methods, but also for their incredibly high quality outdoor clothing.

Patagonia fleece jackets for women will conquer the heart of any mountain athlete, hiker and Alpinists. American mountain sports company The North Face are all about functionality and style when it comes to their fleece jackets and fleece pants. Women's double jackets by The North Face are additionally technical fleece jackets that can be worn on their own without any further layers. Aside from the technically oriented women's fleece jacket, there are also numerous models that stand out for women with their stylish colors and feminine cuts.

Feminine all-rounder - fleece jackets for women

Going on winter hikes, skiing and snowboarding, on Alpine tours, mountaineering or on an expedition in very cold regions - a good, lightweight fleece jacket and fleece pants are definitely a must-have in your travel pack or outdoor hiking backpack.

A fleece jacket is made of so-called polyester fibers, which has many useful properties when it comes to the outdoors and mountaineering: Fleece clothing absorbs next to no moisture and dries very quickly. The fluffy, soft feeling of fleece fabric on the skin ensures the necessary heat insulation. Fleece jackets for women are also much more skin-friendly and easier to clean than cotton or wool. With the right fleece jacket, women can overcome minus temperatures and tackle that snow covered peak.

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