Fleece trousers will shield you from cold temperatures

Fleece Trousers

Good fleece apparel, such as fleece trousers, fleece jackets and fleece jumpers, are a must-have in winter and for spending time outdoors or in the mountains in colder temperatures. Whether you enjoy going on winter hill walks, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering or going on expeditions in very cold regions, you’ve got to have high-quality, lightweight fleece trousers as an additional insulating layer. The right fleece trousers are guaranteed to help you out in temperatures below zero.

Fleece – the cosiest fabric

Fleece is a fundamental part of modern functional clothing. The fabric is made of polyester fibres and has many useful properties that are perfect for the outdoors and mountaineering. The great thing about fleece trousers, fleece jackets and fleece jumpers is that they absorb near to no moisture and when they do, their polyester fibres dry very quickly. The fluffy, soft feeling of fleece trousers also ensures optimal heat insulation in colder weather and they prevent your body from cooling down. In addition, fleece fabric is much lighter, more skin-friendly and easier to care for than conventional wool or thick cotton.

Recommended use for fleece trousers

Fleece clothing is best suited for outdoor sports activities in colder temperatures. However, fleece trousers can also be worn in more relaxing situations, such as when spending time in your tent, whilst bivouacking or in a hut. When layering, these trousers are typically great second or third layers. And if you ever feel too warm, then you can simply remove a layer for optimal comfort.

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