Good fleece trousers can withstand minus temperatures

Fleece Trousers

Good fleece clothing, namely fleece trousers, fleece jackets or fleece sweaters are must-haves for all winter lovers and those who enjoy spending time outdoors, in nature and in the mountains in colder temperatures. Going on winter hikes, skiing and snowboarding, on Alpine tours, mountaineering or on an expedition in very cold regions - high quality, lightweight fleece trousers are definitely a must-have in your travel pack and when necessary an additional insulating layer on your legs. The right fleece trousers for men and women will help you out in minus temperatures.

Fleece - the stuff that cozy dreams are made of

Fleece is a fundamental part of modern functional clothing. Fleece fabric that is made from polyester fibers has many useful properties when it comes to the outdoors and mountaineering. Fleece trousers, fleece jackets and fleece sweaters absorb near to no moisture and when they do, their polyester fibers dry very quickly. The fluffy, soft feeling of fleece pants on the skin also ensures the necessary heat insulation in colder weather. Fleece trousers protect your body against cooling down. Aside from that, fleece fabric is also much lighter, more skin-friendly and easier to clean than conventional wool or thick cotton fabric.

Recommended use for fleece pants

Fleece clothing like fleece trousers, fleece jackets or Fleece sweaters are best suited to all outdoor sports activities and in combination with colder temperatures. Fleece trousers should also be worn in situations when you won't be moving a lot. Some good examples are on cold evenings in your tent, staying in a cabin high in the mountains, in a Bivouac or spending the winter in an Alpine cabin. The onion principle generally has fleece pants as a second or third layer of clothing. If you do get a bit too warm, then you can simply remove a layer to get to the perfect, most comfortable temperature.

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