Comfortable yoga pants and leggings with great freedom of movement

Of course, yoga leggings also have to look good and go well with your yoga outfit. However, the most important features of good yoga tights are the functional aspects, such as mobility, stretchability, breathability and durability. Yoga leggings are slim-fitting and made of elastic materials. With a high waistband, flat seams and ergonomic stitching, these sporty yoga pants can handle any fancy asana at any time.

Yoga leggings by Mandala or Hey Honey are available in numerous colour variations and with different patterns. From classic black to subtle pastel shades, monochrome yoga pants and graphic patterns, every yogi and yogini will find their perfect yoga leggings.

Yoga tights with a feel for the essentials

Along with a yoga shirt and yoga mat, yoga leggings are the most important part of any yoga gear. Often, yoga beginners first reach for ordinary leggings, sports trousers and tracksuit trousers to start their first yoga exercises.

However, many trousers that are not specifically designed as yoga pants are not optimally suited for a sporty yoga practice. Annoying pockets and zips, chafing seams and a poor fit spoil the joy of yoga. The right yoga leggings, on the other hand, perfectly meet the requirements of a regular yoga practice and offer a great feel, good durability and pleasant breathability.

Yoga pants in different lengths

Depending on the style, design and temperature, yoga leggings may be cut longer or shorter. From capri trousers to 7/8 cut and long legs, yoga pants companies offer every leg length you could want. Besides yoga leggings, some yogis also reach for wide oriental trousers.

Slim-fitting yoga leggings are suitable for different types of yoga, such as Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. Whether you're into meditation, relaxing poses or sporty asanas - the right yoga pants ensure the right flow and a good feeling for the dancer, child, warrior, tree, sun salutation or downward dog.

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