Comfortable, beautiful yoga pants for the best possible comfort

Yoga Pants

The right yoga pants are vital in ensuring that everything sits perfectly and the wearer is not restricted in any way. Just like any other type of sport, there is special clothing for yoga in the form of yoga shirts and yoga pants. These sit perfectly and are cut in such a way, that they never restrict you and keep everything nicely covered. The right pants for yoga is more or less right between a sweat pants and a pair of leggings, and is made of a soft, skin-friendly material.
The only equipment you really need for doing yoga is the right clothing and a yoga mat, so it is worth investing in a well made pair of pants. Maloja, Patagonia and Supernatural have plenty of beautiful yoga pants in all sizes and colors that are very easy to combine. This makes it very easy to transform a good pair of pants and a beautiful top into a complete yoga outfit.

The material plays an important role

Just like with outdoor clothing, the material blend used to make yoga pants determines how comfortable they are. Modern functional fabrics are breathable and very comfortable on the skin. The classic fisherman pants or Thai pants are made of cotton or organic cotton and are very comfortable thanks to their wrapped style cut! Mixed fabrics with merino are also perfect for yoga! Fabrics with elastane blends also offer fantastic stretch. This allows the tights to sit nice and tight.

Yoga Pants

Practical details on yoga pants

Women in particular also like their yoga pants to look as good as they feel on the skin and how comfortable they are to wear. The intended purpose should however be at the forefront. It is important in yoga, to concentrate and focus fully on the execution of the moves.
What that means for clothing, is that it needs to fit like a glove and not restrict in any way. A high, flat waistband and a movement friendly cut are both very important for this.

Not only perfect for yoga

Yoga shorts and yoga pants are definitely not just a one trick pony in the yoga studio! They are also perfect for any other occasion that calls for the same properties. They can be comfortably worn to pilates or even to the gym. Even just a lazy afternoon reading on the couch is all the more comfortable in these yoga pants.

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