The correct and important base: the right sport shirt for outdoor sports enthusiasts!

Sport Shirts

Always remember when buying sport shirts that the first layer in the layer system, i.e. functional underwear, is as important as solid weatherproof or reliably insulating clothing! If you skimp here, then you won't be able to enjoy the full functionality of good down, softshell or rain jackets!
Baselayer &, underwear, like the middle and outer layers, should also be made of breathable and wicking material like synthetic fibers or Merino wool. Each layer in the system only works as well as the weakest layer. So any long sleeve shirt or fleece worn on top shouldn't be made of cotton, as these absorb moisture easily, dry slowly, are heavy and not very breathable!
There's lots of tips for buying good sport shirts for men, women and kids for any activity.

What types of sport shirt are there and what are they made of?

There are sport shirts for the upper body in long-sleeved, short-sleeved tank top and singlet variants and there are also complete functional underwear sets which include functional underwear as well as long and short undergarments. They should fit close to the body without constricting. Of course the sleeve length depends on what you're going to wear it for and personal preference.
The main distinction can be made between synthetic fiber shirts (or synthetic fiber underwear) and Merino shirts (or Merino underwear). Synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyamide are often combined with elastane, so the fit and elasticity of the fabric are improved. These kind of fabrics dry very quickly, wick away a lot of moisture and have a cooling effect. Synthetic functional shirts are specifically designed for summer conditions, high intensity activities such as climbing, running, cycling, walking as well as trekking and mountaineering. These shirts are ideal for longer trips because they'll dry overnight so you can wash them whilst you're away. This is particularly useful as functional shirts made from synthetic fibers are only partially odor-resistant.
For classic stop-and-go trips and cold-weather holidays, Merino shirts are a good choice. The soft natural fibers can absorb a lot of moisture through the fine hairs without feeling wet and cold. So it's also warming if you're sweaty. The wool also has a permanent anti-odor and anti-bacterial effect and so only needs to be washed occasionally - great for longer trips. However, once wet, the wool doesn't dry as quickly as synthetic materials. This kind of clothing is perfect for ski touring, mountaineering, ice and alpine climbing and hiking and winter biking.

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