Long sleeves for all occasions

Long sleeves

Whether worn as an eye-catcher in the climbing gym, to a barbeque at the campfire or as base layers (polyester or Merino wool): Long sleeves belong in any wardrobe and are convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. Find out about the differences that exist between long sleeves here.

Choosing the right long sleeve

Long sleeved shirts are composed of a variety of different materials depending on the intended use of the shirt. Raw materials such as wool, elastane and polyester are combined to create a long-sleeve that corresponds directly to its intended use. Another important aspect is of course choosing the right brand. Whether you prefer Mammut, The North Face or Mountain Equipment, they are guaranteed to have the perfect long sleeve for you.
Therefore it is worthwhile to look at the materials used in the long sleeves. If you prefer a comfortable everyday shirt which is particularly good for lifestyle activities like (indoor) climbing, slacklining and bouldering, then cotton is the best choice. On top of being comfortable to wear, cotton is also long-lasting.
However, if you're likely to break a sweat, then at least part of the shirt should consist of polyester. Polyester will speed up the transport of moisture away from the skin and increase comfort. Long sleeved shirts, which consist mostly of polyester, are best suited for fast, aerobic activities and those at high temperatures. That's because they also dry quickly.
A long sleeve that is made (partly) of virgin wool (e.g. Merino from Icebreaker) has some advantages stemming from the natural functional fiber: High insulation at low weight, good odor control and a warming function when wet. This makes long sleeved shirts made of Merino wool ideal for stop-and-go activities, multi-day tours and activities in colder conditions. These softer long sleeves are also an ideal choice for women.
Elastane increases elasticity in long sleeved shirts. This makes for a better fit and improved comfort.

Long sleeve fits

Depending on how you plan to use your long sleeve, it will either be a tight-fitting design or a casual, comfortable fit. Wider cut designs give a great stylish look and are ideal for less intensive activities.
The moment your long sleeve replaces your functional underwear, you should consider a tight-fitting design. Only with a tight-fitting design can good insulation and permanent moisture transport away from the skin be ensured.
Women's designs have a tailored cut and some of the long sleeves come with thumb loops, hoods and (zip) collars.

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