Track your performance with cycle computers

Bike Computers

They’re much more than just a speedometer: cycle computers are technological miracles! In addition to calculating your speed, they can also calculate your distance travelled and average speed. Today’s wireless, lightweight devices also allow you to monitor the altitude covered or your cadence whilst cycling.

The wireless transmission allows you to keep an eye on all data

Once the sensors are mounted on your bike and the device is configured, you’re all set. The data gets wirelessly transmitted to the cycle computer and it's then presented on the display. Depending on your settings, you can simply glance over to the screen to check the time, the total kilometres or the stopwatch.

For training, preseason and cycling trips

Whether you're a professional or an amateur, a cycle computer from a manufacturer, such as Garmin, is a powerful tool that allows you to keep track of all important data. Not only are cycle computers ideal for consistent and targeted training, but also for relaxed cycling trips. Plus, you can monitor the length of the route and sometimes even your heart rate thanks to a chest strap.

High-quality models have practical extra features

With integrated altimeters and a GPS signal, high-quality models are almost as functional as a navigation device. They can calculate inclines, declines and other parameters, such as your heart rate and your calories burned. Another practical feature that can come in handy during your cycling holiday or race includes the illuminated display that allows you to read the values in the dark.

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