Cycling can be a pain in the ass without cycling bottoms

Cycling Bottoms

Generally speaking, cycling bottoms serve a single purpose: Padding your backside on a long day's bicycle ride. If you have ever been on a several-hour bike tour without sufficiently padded cycling bottoms, then you know the drill. Especially the hard, uncomfortable saddles of road bikes or mountain bikes make padded bottoms a real treasure that keeps you from unpleasant pressure and abrasion marks. You can buy bike underwear separately from manufacturers such as Pearl Izumi or Endura and wear it underneath your sports wear. Using it for trekking or mountain bike rides can be a great advantage. Many cycling shorts come with already integrated cycling bottoms. As an example, many mountain bike shorts by Löffler come with partially removable inner pants equipped with chamois. Most road bike pants like those from X-Bionic combine all the features of cycling trousers and bike underwear in one piece of clothing. Bike underwear has more to offer than only protective chamois: Its tight cut provides an athletic fit that is also aerodynamic and stimulates your blood circulation.

The right paddings for everyone

Bike bottoms come in specific designs for women and men. These designs differ in their cut and the shape of their integrated paddings. Women's cycling bottoms are adapted to the female anatomy. Their design is rather long and narrow. In contrast, men's cycling bottoms are cut somewhat wider and shorter.

Additional bike underwear

In addition to bike bottoms, your cycling underwear can also be extended to other parts of your body. Besides bottoms, bike underwear also comprises undershirts as well as arm and leg sleeves. Leg sleeves are particularly useful for road bike or mountain bike tours at cool temperatures and can easily be packed into your jersey pocket after use.

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